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Drum Brakes vs Disc Brakes

Drum Brakes Vs Disc Brakes: Which Is Better For Bikes

Riding a motorcycle is difficult in a place like India. There is no telling what could happen on the road, and you may need reliable stopping power to avoid an accident. Therefore, brakes are a crucial part of all vehicles and even more crucial for new bikes. Modern motorcycle buyers struggle to select the proper set of brakes due to the increased speed and power of these vehicles. Drum Brakes Vs Disc Brakes – Which is better for a bike? The answer to this question is that disc brakes are better than drum brakes for bikes.

This post will enlighten you on why motorcycle disc brakes are superior to drum brakes.

Disc Brakes

The disc brake system consists of a caliper with pads on either side and a rotor or disc mounted on the wheel. The fluid line that comes from the oil reservoir completes the system. The brake lever is attached to a pump located in the oil reservoir.

As a result, when you apply pressure to the brakes, oil is forced into the two calipers. This strains the brake pads and causes them to rub on the disc, slowing or stopping the motorcycle. The size of the pads or the region where the pads make contact with the disc determines how the calipers bite into the disc.

Drum Brakes

Early vehicle brake systems were known as drum brakes because they used a drum configuration on all four wheels. All of the brake’s components are housed inside a drum that revolves around the wheel. The main parts of a drum brake are the wheel cylinder, braking shoes, pistons, and springs.

Drum Brakes Vs Disc Brakes: Comparision

  • Stopping Power – Comparing the disc brake to the drum brake, we can see that the disc brake has more effective stopping power. By using larger or more than one set of brake pads, we can also increase the bite of the brakes. Additionally, twin discs can be used to improve stopping power.
  • Heat Dissipation –  The disc brake cools down faster than a drum brake because it is mounted outside the wheel. Because the drum brake is inside the wheel, the likelihood of the brakes heating up is very high.
  • No Wheel Damage – A drum brake system has no wheel damage because the shoes are attached to a spring that rubs against the wheel. Therefore, friction could cause the wheel to overheat and gradually deteriorate. However, disc brakes don’t have this issue.
  • Maintenance – Cleaning the disc and the brake pads with sandpaper is required to maintain a disc brake. But you must remove the entire wheel when performing routine maintenance on a drum brake.
  • Affordable Spares – The brake pads and the disc are reasonably priced and easily changed. However, there is a danger that the wheel could be harmed if the drum brakes experience a problem. Therefore, replacing a damaged wheel could be pricey.

However, disc brakes also have their share of drawbacks. However, we explain our reasoning in the following sentences.

Disadvantages of Disc Brakes

  • WHEEL LOCKUP – In the absence of an ABS braking system, disc brakes lock up quite readily. With disc brakes, you should exercise extreme caution while stopping suddenly because the wheel will likely lock, and you’ll crash.
  • PRICE – Compared to drum brakes, bikes with disc brakes are more expensive.
  • BRAKE FAILURE – Because the brake fluid pipe is exposed, the disc brake will malfunction if the pipe is destroyed. Brake failure can be quite dangerous and can cause an accident.
  • MAINTENANCE OF BRAKE FLUID – If the bike is not used for a long period, there is a potential that the brake fluid will become less dense. As a result, you must maintain the disk brake fluids level and continually monitor its viscosity.

Most firms often only provide disc brakes at the front end on some of their smaller displacement options. It reduces the cost of the motorcycle while also enhancing braking. If you are facing any motorcycle brake problems, resolve them before you start riding a bike.


The drawbacks of disc brakes are minimal. Disc brakes provide superior braking performance and are always preferable to drum brakes. Although disc brakes may be more expensive, their level of braking performance is worth the expense. We advise buying new bikes with disc brakes and ABS because they will safeguard you in emergency braking scenarios.

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