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Five Reasons To Buy For BMW R 1250 GS Bike

For many riders, it’s the best adventure bike in the world, and for a good reason. BMW Motorrad expertly developed this bike to the point where knowledgeable riders have complete faith in it when they ride it hard. Others may think it’s too engineered, but that’s simply a testament to its excellence. A GS has so much technology that it has been designed to fit around all of it.

The GS is one of those things that people either love or hate, and while some people admire its realistic appearance and others mock it, it is still widely regarded as the best adventure vehicle globally. Here are five justifications for why it might be your next bike and five additional factors to consider.

The Size And Road Presence

The GS is one of those things that people either love or hate, and even though some people adore its practical design and others scorn it, it is still considered the best adventure vehicle on the planet. The BMW R 1250 GS may be nearly perfect in engineering, but is it right for you? Here are five reasons it might be your next bike, along with five other things to consider.

Even if you get the Triple Black model, it is still a sizable motorcycle that refuses to go unnoticed by other drivers on the road. It attracts attention even while parked, and onlookers may take a few pictures of it. Many people ask you about the bike, where your voyage took you, and how you can rev it up and make the exhaust sing, but we’ll get to that later. 

The Power Of Power 

The GS’s strong presence calls for a strong engine and doesn’t disappoint us. It’s hardly a fire-breathing inline-four with 136 horsepower, but it’s more than adequate to complete the task. When you whack the throttle open, be careful because all that power is accompanied by a higher torque figure at 143 Nm.

The 1254cc boxer twin in the GS may be a big bike, but it rips over every highway or dirt track you roll through. The powerband is almost filled with torque, allowing the bike to reach 150 kph instantly. It maintains highway speeds so consistently that you won’t notice that you’re moving quickly. The bike has enough power, torque, and presence to get you into a lot of trouble, but with great power also comes tremendous responsibility. Consider this: the bike has enough power to lift its front wheel in the air if you don’t pay attention when traveling at 80 kph, and it is enough to cause the traction control to malfunction unless you turn it off. Furthermore, if you drive that fast and with that much throttle, you’ll undoubtedly receive a speeding ticket. 

All Roads Are Smooth With The Gs 

The magic of the Telelever front forks and adjustable dampers ensure that the BMW R 1250 GS never experiences challenging roads. ZF offers electrically controllable adaptive dampers that may smooth out bumps and potholes or alert you when taking a sharp turn on a motorcycle.

Everything is also electronically regulated, and the bike can quickly set your sag so that you don’t even need to get out a set of wrenches. If you need to ride as a passenger, the suspension will adapt; after the passenger gets off, the bike returns to its default settings. You can also use a single button to adjust it for comfort or livelier riding; no clicks or spanners are necessary.

The GS’s front suspension is a feat of engineering. The R 1250 GS comes with two fork tubes and an additional Coilover in the front, whereas less expensive motorcycles would only have two fork tubes. With this configuration, the bike has almost little brake dip, and the front stays steady and under control. This system has adored by many riders who use it on the road or in the mud.

However, you have a high skill ceiling before you reach the suspension setup’s maximum potential because it requires a reasonably talented rider to push it to its limits. 

Confidence-Inspiring Electronics Package

BMW ensures that the GS has equipped with all the bells and whistles necessary to keep the bike rubber-side-down to control that torque monster of a 1254cc boxer. The GS has a complete electronics package that meets all of your needs. You will be prepared for any bend, rainy road, or terrain you may come across on your expedition, from the aforementioned electronically-controlled suspension to the sophisticated traction control system and, finally, the Dynamic and Dynamic Pro ride modes that even let you turn off ABS.

Additionally, you will have more than enough light from the adaptive headlights to get you through the night. Although some GS owners still add a few extra lights to their bikes, trust us when we tell you that the headlights are sufficient for nighttime driving.

BMW ensures the GS has all the bells and whistles to keep the bike rubber-side-down to handle that torque monster of a 1254cc boxer. The GS comes with an electronics package that is completely equipped and meets all your needs. You have everything you need for your journey, from the previously stated electronically-controlled suspension to the sophisticated traction control system and the Dynamic and Dynamic Pro ride modes that even let you turn off ABS.

Luxury Bike 

There’s a good reason why GS riders tend to be older riders. Yes, there are a few teenage riders behind the bars of this bike, but they are a rare sight. It is one of the most opulent tourers you will ever see, to put it simply. Due to how enjoyable it is to ride, you might even suggest that it discredits other tourers. Everything on it may not look particularly glitzy, but many people have grown to appreciate it because of how helpful everything is.

You do feel incredibly privileged when using the GS. The emblem is a status symbol, the seat is comfortable, heated grips are available if your hands become chilly, power is always available when you need it, the vehicle rolls with surprising agility, the windscreen is incredibly functional, and the engine is surprisingly smooth. If we were, to sum up the GS in one word, it would be “functional luxury.”

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