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What are Horsepower, BHP, and Torque

Horsepower (HP) metrics are always brought up when we discuss bike performance. A vehicle’s horsepower and torque determine how much “oomph” it has. The numbers are significant because they directly affect how quickly a bike feels when you press the accelerator.

What do the phrases brake horsepower (bhp), pound-feet (lb-ft), and Pferdestarke (PS) signify when you see them used online? Here, we summarise everything.

The terms Pferdestarke (PS), horsepower (hp), kilowatt (kW), and chevaux vapeur (CV) all refer to the same thing; they differ in unit sizes and calculation techniques. This is vital to remember before we continue. Similar to how yards and miles are distinct ways to measure length and Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit are many ways to measure temperature, so too.

Next, you will find what Horsepower, BHP, and Torque are in the vehicle. Let’s find

What Is Horsepower?

Power is measured in horsepower (HP). It describes the power generated by the engine in automobiles. The more horsepower an engine has, the more power it produces and emits.

Although horsepower ratings will give you a general notion of performance, power, and vehicle speed are not directly correlated. The power-to-weight ratio, or the amount of power an automobile can produce compared to its weight, will determine vehicle performance, among other variables. For instance, a small, light SUV with 150PS will move far faster than a city vehicle with the same power.

What Is Brake Horsepower Or Bhp?

Brake horsepower, abbreviated as BHP, is the vehicle’s horsepower after accounting for tire-to-road friction. In other words, brake horsepower is always less than a bike’s horsepower since it takes into account the power loss caused by friction. Therefore, BHP and HP have different meanings.


The method used to measure BHP and HP in vehicles is a straightforward but significant distinction. The difference between HP and BHP is how much of the engine’s power is transferred to the wheels and used to accelerate the bike or car. BHP vs HP Horsepower is measured using a device called a simple dynamometer, whereas BHP uses a brake-type dynamometer.

What Is Torque?

Force is measured as torque. More specifically, acceleration is brought on by a rotational force. Pound feet (lb-ft) or Newton meters (Nm) are two ways to express a unit of torque (Newton meters).

The torque figure shows the strength of a vehicle. Torque is the measure of the force the engine produces. Trucks and buses, which need to move a lot of bikego but not necessarily quickly, have higher torque ratings than horsepower.

The next step is to choose which of the three terms—horsepower, BHP, and torque—means the most to you. Do you need a vehicle with more torque for performance, or do you prefer horsepower and speed?

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