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Motorcycle Seat Height Tips And Considerations

You have probably read about seat height if you are familiar with tests or information regarding bikes and scooters. It is often expressed in inches and is crucial when deciding on your next new bike or scooter. Some people might believe that a few millimeters won’t make a difference. However, while riding the bike, you’ll see that it affects how comfortable you feel.

First and foremost, it’s critical to grasp what seat height entails. The bike is in an upright position, resting on its two wheels, and the measurement is taken from the ground to the lowest point of the seat (no tilt). But once you start riding, this measurement frequently changes because of several factors, including rider and passenger weight, suspension settings, etc.

You can also soften the preload, so the bike lowers slightly when the rider is on board. It would help if you gave it some thought before changing the bike suspension settings because this will affect how the motorcycle behaves.

The Ideal Height For A Motorcycle Seat

There is no right response, no matter how much we don’t want to answer! Many things affect it. We can advise getting on a bike to see how those conditions impact it as a first step. The general ergonomics of the bike, how your weight affects the suspension, and, most importantly, the seat’s breadth. These are helpful factors while riding a bike or scooter with confidence and safety.

One prerequisite that we still need to cover but is still critical is your aptitude and preference. Despite being “on the shorter side,” you might have developed specific abilities that allow you to remain still on one foot on either side and ride a heavy-weight bike in general. Aside from that, even though it’s more difficult to control when stopping, you’ll typically choose the taller option if you’re an off-road pilot.

Selecting the proper seat height is essential to prevent driving difficulties. The 780 mm seat height is essential for riders, ensuring comfort and stability and allowing them to ride confidently.

Advice For Dealing With a Bike That Is Too High

Some motorbike and scooter data sheets include alarming numbers that should be reviewed. Sticking to numbers is a terrible idea; you should look beyond them. As we previously stated, there are additional considerations that you need to make: Visit your preferred dealer right away, then get on the bike of your choosing. You won’t need to ride it because you already know how you might feel on the road and when to hold it still.

Here are some solutions if the seat height is still too high for you, but you still won’t let go of the bike:

  • LOWER SEAT: Some brands provide low seat height bike alternatives to make it simpler to get on and off the bike. Every millimeter counts! There are even higher seating options available for people who seek a more dominant position or have the opposite issue.
  • MODELS THAT ARE UNIQUE: There are particular iterations made to lower the seat’s height, like the Triumph Tiger 900 GT Low and 1200 XRX Low, which not only have a modified seat but also modified suspension systems with reduced travel.
  • SPECIAL-SOLED BOOTS: These are common in some enduro and motocross boots and feature a thicker sole that makes reaching the footrests and the ground easier.

Choose your motorcycle by seat height with the help of our bike selection tool.

Many riders will consider this solution initially since it appears to be the simplest: lower the suspension. Since the bike has specific dimensions, suspension, and settings that make it suitable for a certain purpose, it’s not the preferred option. When the suspension is altered, the bike performs worse than anticipated. We alter the bike’s geometry, riding position, and suspension’s original performance, meaning we won’t love the results, and the bike will perform poorly.

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