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The Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight is the talk of the town. It now has a few updated features, and whenever a beloved brand introduces anything innovative, it’s worth talking about. Most of you know that the Milwaukee Eight Engine debuted in August 2016. We rapidly discovered this engine was unique compared to every other Harley-Davidson engine. Testing for five years and one million miles. It’s no longer necessary to wait until all the bugs leave. Here are five interesting facts about this brand-new powerhouse.

Before discussing the fascinating facts about the Milwaukee Eight engine, let’s define it.

Milwaukee Eight Engine – What Is It?

Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee-Eight engine, introduced in 2016, is the company’s ninth generation of “big twin” engines. However, it is only Harley’s third completely redesigned large twin in 80 years. The four valves per cylinder, or eight valves total, make these engines different from Harley Big Twin. Additionally, it marked a return to the single-camshaft design in earlier Harley Davidson Big Twin engines between 1936 and 1999. Furthermore, Twin Cams were only counterbalanced on Softail models, where the engine was rigidly mounted. In contrast, all engines have internal counterbalancers.

Milwaukee Eight Engine: Interesting Facts

1. The Ninth Generation Is Represented

Although only introduced in 2017, the Milwaukee Eight is part of Harley Davidson’s in-house developed ninth-generation big twin engines. It’s appropriate to brag about this. It indicates that Harley has made significant progress in engine development. It continues to operate without complaint.

2. The Ergonomics Are Improved

Bikers always welcome this news. The Milwaukee Eight’s motor has a reduced profile air cleaner cover, motor assist, a modified clutch, and a smaller primary drive cover. These features affect how it feels and operates. The updated bike results from extensive consideration put into its design. The possibility of that happening has just decreased, which may not be what you want to hear if you prefer to chirp the tyres.

3. The Rider Stays Cooler Thanks To The Liquid-Cooled Engine

Although not everyone knows this fact, some do. You know now. Thanks to the liquid cooling system in the updated Harley Milwaukee Eight, you will experience a more comfortable ride throughout the sweltering summer months. It’s far cooler than oil and radiator fluid, which on a long ride, draws heat from the motor and directs it at you. Another reason to enjoy the updated Milwaukee Eight is this.

4. It’s A Great Tourer

The Milwaukee Eight is a fantastic tourer bike that provides all the comfort a rider could need. We can’t forget to mention that in passing. It’s not the most expensive bike in the collection, but quite attractive. You’ll notice the Harley difference whether you’re cruising quiet roads or riding down the motorway. It could be time to ride one if you hadn’t before. This bicycle is made to satisfy.

5. The New Motors Increase Power By 10%

Here’s a fascinating truth. There are other improvements besides the updated motors being 10% more powerful than the ones they just replaced. The bikes now accelerate 11% faster thanks to an increase in acceleration. The updated engines are significantly more advanced than the Twin Cam 110s.

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