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Monoshock vs Twin Shock vs Dual Shock Suspension

The rear motorcycle suspension, also called shock absorbers, was developed in 1913 to lessen the impact of riding on unpaved roads. In our nation, bikes mostly use two types of suspension. Mono-shock and dual-shock are those. In Bangladesh, there are just two types of motorcycles: commuter and sports. Mono-shock is used in sports bikes, while dual-shock is more common in commuter bikes.

The purpose of the rear suspension is to improve the comfort and quality of the ride. The ability and performance of motorcycles are now being improved by new and advanced features introduced in the modern classic motorcycles. The development of shock absorbers is also progressing. Is a mono-shock suspension arrangement preferable to a dual-shock suspension in the battle of the shock absorbers? So let’s examine their differences:

Dual-Shock Suspension

Twin denotes two shock absorbers on the motorcycle, which is a touch retro in today’s day and age. Almost all of the standard or commuter bikes have dual shocks. Dual-shock provides higher performance than mono-shock for transporting heavy loads. Our nation’s roadways are in poor condition, making driving difficult. It increases the force applied to the swingarm.

Consequently, a mechanism to smooth out all those hiccups is required. A mono-shock would have been sufficient as well. Since commuter bikes are typically used in rural areas, they must carry much more weight than designed. Therefore, a mono-shock is created. In addition, it costs a lot less than other suspensions.

Advantages Of Dual-Shock Suspension

  • Provides a comfortable ride on a difficult road.
  • Less expensive than alternative suspensions.
  • Absorbs pressure from bumps.
  • It’s simple to maintain and get service for.
  • It can support the added weight.

Disadvantages Of Dual-Shock Suspension

  • It cannot inspire confidence in cornering.
  • High speed compromises the ride.
  • High-speed control is challenging.
  • It makes long drives uncomfortable.

Monoshock Suspension

Mono-shock absorbers are still available in Bangladesh even though they have long been used in international nations. Sports and adventure bikes primarily use monoshock suspension. Sport motorcycles are typically designed for a single rider. The bumper of this suspension will not have to support loads. The mono-shock is ideal for handling and cornering. At high speeds, they offer superior stability. They are more expensive and bulkier than Dual-shock.

Advantages Of Monoshock Suspension 

  • Greater highway stability and cornering.
  • Limit the swingarm’s exposure to torque.
  • Better and more pleasant riding is provided.
  • High-speed control is simple.
  • It is simple to tune.

Disadvantages Of Monoshock Suspension 

  • The price of repairs is significantly higher.
  • It cannot support an overload.
  • The lifespan of this suspension is a little bit short.
  • The bumps’ pressure cannot be accommodated by it.

What is Twin Shock Suspension?

The term “twin shocks” refers to the bike’s rear shock absorbers, which are located two per side.

How Twin Shocks Suspension Works?

The TVS Max 4R motorcycle from TVS bikes in India uses this entry-level technology. The rear provides higher ride quality and improved load-bearing capacity, having two shock absorbers on each side. It is also useful for controlling the motorcycle’s overall weight when carrying a load. Compared with one shock absorber, two can support a heavier load. This technology primarily aims at bike couriers and other individuals who regularly transport commodities like milk, food, and newspapers.

Twin shock absorber technology will improve handling and ride quality on rough roads with loads. This is because it can handle road shocks twice as strong compared to a single shock absorber. The Twin Shock Absorbers technology is ideally suited for long-distance travel involving big goods. Usually, it works well on uneven roads, such as those in rural areas without pavement.

So, it is possible to identify the benefits and drawbacks of dual-shock and mono-shock absorbers. You must select one of them based on your preferences and financial capabilities.

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