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noise pollution caused by transportation

One of the hardest issues facing modern urban society is noise pollution. We have created various modes of transportation that get us from place to place but at a cost. Pollution is caused by gases escaping from automobiles’ exhaust pipes, fossil fuel combustion, and noise produced by various sections of the vehicle. Biodiversity surrounds us, and our ears are greatly impacted by noise pollution caused by honking and other traffic noises.

Tips To Reduce Noise Pollution Caused By Vehicles

The following actions must be taken to reduce noise pollution levels:

1. Choose Quieter Vehicles (more peaceful)

Some automobiles have loud silencers. Silencers can sometimes be removed. Our ears are subjected to incredibly loud noises in such cars. Our eardrums can become damaged over time by exposure to loud noises, which affects our hearing. Therefore, choosing a bike that makes little to no noise while moving is crucial. To make the vehicle even quieter, you can manually adjust some settings.

2. Choose Quieter Tyres

Examining some of their characteristics makes it possible to determine which tyres generate less noise while driving. The air chamber within a tyre resembles a drum tyre. The gap produces a low-frequency hum as the tyres roll. The following characteristics define quiet tyres:

  • Straight grooved circumferential ribs dampen noise.
  • Various tread block designs provide diverse pitch patterns.
  • Smaller blocks in terms of size.
  • A strengthened shoulder to keep the tread blocks stable.
  • Small hash marks that divide air flow are located inside the grooves.
  • Wider tyres are generally quieter.
  • More durable but softer material. 

3. Do Not Honk

Horns were attached to bikes and cars to increase the vehicle’s safety. They warn walkers that a bike is coming behind them. Only when required, should you apply this enhancement. However, many people continue to honk needlessly. Such pointless honking adds to traffic’s already excessive noise. Noise can annoy other road users, sensitive individuals, young children, and older people.

4. At The Signal, Turn Off The Engine Of Your Vehicle

Stopping your vehicle and turning off the engine can save money on gas and reduce engine noise. Additionally, it prevents you from honking and making noise. As a result, anytime you stop at a signal that remains red for a long time, be careful to turn off your engine and wait calmly.

5. Regularly Maintain Vehicles

You should visit the service center as soon as possible if parts are making noises or the engine needs to be repaired.

6. Deliver Recommended Payload

Although carrying the recommended payload might seem simple, doing so helps reduce tyre rolls, lowering noise pollution. In terms of efficiency, it is a widely used method.


Like other types of pollution, noise pollution exacerbates natural world imbalance. To maintain our world’s health, we must take comfort measures. Only then will we live happy and healthy lives.

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