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Yamaha Mt-15 V2 New Vs Old

The Yamaha MT-15 was recently introduced in India, using specific updated components taken from the R15 V4’s parts inventory. Which updates are these? In what ways does the street motorbike vary from its predecessor? We explain in this piece.

Upside Down Forks

The dazzling golden fork bottles and inverted forks underneath are the most noticeable additions to the MT-15 Version 2.0 over the previous version. Although this setup would be adjusted to fit the characteristics of the MT-15, it is comparable to the Yamaha R15 V4. That is a pleasant departure from the traditional units the motorcycle was previously equipped with.

Yamaha mt 15 v2 old model price

New Color

A new color palette is the result of another upgrade. It still has the Metallic Black and Ice Fluo Vermillion paint schemes, but they’ve been updated for a more modern look. The Yamaha Racing Blue paint job is also available for the MT-15, as is Cyan Storm, the brightest color. Nevertheless, Version 2.0’s design carries over from the previous iteration, featuring a bold-looking headlamp, a robust fuel tank, and a sleek rear portion.

New Swingarm

The swingarm on the MT-15 was a box design in its prior iteration, but the R15 V3 has an aluminum swingarm. Meanwhile, the MT-15 V2, like its fully-faired sibling, also has an aluminum swingarm. In addition to being premium, the new swingarm should improve the MT-15’s handling capabilities.

New Equipment

Last but not least, the R15 V4’s updated instrument cluster is also included with the new Yamaha bike. In contrast to the previous version’s rectangular unit, the V2’s unit has a slightly angular design, Bluetooth connectivity, and a new layout.

Yamaha mt 15 v2 old price in india

Updated Prices

The MT-15 is now marginally more expensive than the previous model due to all the changes. The previous MT-15 sold for about Rs 1.47 lakh, ex-showroom, while the latest one retails for Rs 1.60 lakh.

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