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Yamaha R15S and R15 V4

Yamaha R15S is available in only one variant, whereas R15 V4 is available in 5 variants and seven colors. Interestingly, the R15 V3 and R15S V3 come at the same starting price. But the Yamaha RS 15 V4, which is the latest, is Rs 13,200, more expensive than the R15 V3 and R15S V3. Both the Yamaha R15S and Yamaha R15 V 4 are sports bikes. R15S and R15 V4 features, design, and specifications are almost identical; their details are below.

Yamaha R15S vs R15 V4:Design  

The new Yamaha R15 V4 comes with a sporty design that hosts a monocular headlamp. With R15S and R15 V4, you get front and rear disc brakes that come with an anti-locking braking system. Both motorcycles are different in terms of the fuel tank design and fairing. R15 V4 retains a modern design, including rearview mirrors, clip-on handlebars, split-style seats, and a side-slung exhaust. Both bikes’ seat heights are the same, 815 mm.

Yamaha R15S vs R15 V4:Specification

Both motorcycles have better and similar mechanical specifications: the 155cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, SOHC, four-valve. The R15S motor delivers 18.34bhp of power at 10,000 rpm and 14.1Nm of peak torque at 8,500 rpm. Meanwhile, the R15 V4 motor has 18.1 bhp at 10,000 rpm and a peak torque of 14.8 Nm at 7,500 rpm. R15S and R15 V4 both Yamaha Bikes are linked to a six-speed gearbox. The Yamaha R15S and R15 V4 have the same engine and motor.

Specifications Yamaha R15S Yamaha R15 V4 
Engine Capacity 155cc155cc 
Kerb Weight 142 kg 141 kg 
Fuel Tank Capacity 11 liters 11 liters 
Transmission 6-speed manual 6-speed manual 
Mileage 44.5 kmpl51.4 kmpl
Seat Height 815 mm815 mm 

Yamaha R15S vs R15 V4:Features 

In terms of features, R15 V4 has an LED taillight, LED turn indicators, a single bi-functional LED headlight with twin LED DRLS, Variable Valve Actuation (VVA), traction control system, two ride modes (Track and Street), dual channel ABS, and quick shifter with an LCD console with Bluetooth connectivity and halogen-type turn indicators. R15S is an LCD instrument cluster with dual-channel ABS and gear shift indicator. Telescope front forks and a rear mono shock handle it.

Yamaha R15S vs R15 V4:Prices 

The Yamaha R15 V4 is more expensive than the R15S. The Yamaha R15S is priced at Rs 1,65,200 and is available in only one variant. R15 V4 is available in 5 variants, and its price is Rs 1,82,000.

Model Name Variants Prices (Ex-showroom) 
Yamaha R15S R15S Standard Rs. 1,65,200
Yamaha R15 V4 1. R15 V4 Metallic Red 
2. R15 V4 Dark Knight
3. R15 V4 Racing Blue-Intensity White-Vivid Magenta Metallic
4. R15 V4 M 
5. R15 V4 MotoGP Edition 
Rs. 1,82,000 
Rs. 1,83,000 
Rs. 1,87,000 

Rs. 1,96,200 
Rs. 1,97,700 

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