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Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Pros And Cons

Royal Enfield unveiled the Hunter 350 motorcycle in August. The roadster-inspired Hunter 350 Royal Enfield motorcycle is the most reasonably priced vehicle in India. The new bike has an engine from the new J series and is constructed on the new J platform. Both Retro and Metro versions are available. These are the advantages and disadvantages of the RE Hunter 350.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Pros


A roadster motorbike with some classic styling is the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. The classic-styled, circular headlights and tail lamps give off a sporty vibe. Furthermore, weighing only 177–181 kg, the Hunter 350 is the lightest motorcycle in the RE lineup. The Hunter 350 looks fantastic and has a strong road presence.

Platform And Engine Efficiency

The J series platform of the Hunter 350 is more dynamic and range-extending due to its improved hardware and lightweight design. The motorcycle has excellent handling and is more maneuverable due to its small weight. It has an engine that produces enough power and torque. The engine produces 20 bhp of power and 27 Nm of peak torque, which is a significant amount of low and mid-range performance.

Furthermore, the motorbike exhibits better throttle response when compared to the Classic 350 and Meteor 350.

Enough Features To Choose From

The RE Hunter 350 comes with a ton of features. The Tripper navigation system, semi-digital instrument cluster, alloy wheels, dual-channel ABS, charging outlet, and danger lights are features of the motorcycle’s Metro edition. The Retro model gains additional basic features such as simple switches, a single-channel ABS, halogen rear and tail lamps, and a straightforward instrument panel.

Cost, Variants, And Available Colors

Due in large part to Royal Enfield, the Hunter 350 is reasonably priced on the market. The price of the motorcycle’s retro version is Rs. 1.49 lakh (ex-showroom), while the Metro version, with monochromatic color options, costs Rs. 1.63 lakh (ex-showroom) and the dual-tone color options, Rs. 1.68 lakhs (ex-showroom). In addition, the Retro model only comes with spoked wheels and two color variations, whereas the Metro model includes a broad assortment of equipment, including alloy wheels.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350: Cons


The bike’s suspension is precisely adjusted, allowing it to stay securely in position over small speed bumps and potholes. The hind end is very stiff, while the front end is nice and soft. The uneven parts of the road will cause you a little stress because you can feel the difference in ride quality right away.

The Brakes Are Not Very Good

The RE Hunter 350 has outstanding handling, but its braking could use some improvement. The brakes work under abrupt braking scenarios; however, occasionally, they feel mushy. The additional biting force that the front disc brake could have used to improve braking effectiveness is lost. Positively, having dual-channel ABS gives you confidence when you brake suddenly.

Certain Vibrations Are Perceptible At Faster Velocities

High speeds on the bike cause vibrations that are felt on the handlebars. The rearview mirrors jiggle excessively, making it challenging to see side views. While these vibrations are more subdued than those of other RE bikes, there are still situations where the vibrations in the mirror cause issues.


One option for individuals who want a Royal Enfield but don’t want a big-looking bike is the Royal Enfield Hunter 350. The Hunter 350 is a fantastic choice for clients who want to ride a Royal Enfield but are on a tight budget. 

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