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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

The twin-cylinder Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 motorcycle is highly well-liked in India. It is currently the most cost-effective twin-cylinder motorbike available in the nation. In India, the Interceptor 650 debuted in November 2018; the company applied the BS6 update in 2020. This article covers five unique and outstanding features of the interceptor 650.

Why should You Buy Royal Enfield Interceptor 650?

#1 It’s a tremendous honest package that’s true to itself

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 rides pretty much how you would expect it to; there are no surprises, and it isn’t trying to be something it isn’t. It is what it is, neither a sports bike disguised as a custom nor outdated technology masquerading as cutting-edge technology. It has good performance but isn’t equipped with a fast engine, has brakes that handle speed and handling pretty well, doesn’t have a large TFT screen, and has traditional-style tires rather than sports ones.

Everything about the vehicle’s design, ergonomics, ride, and performance has been carefully engineered and created to fit. Everything about the look, ergonomics, lift, and implementation has been created to play into and enhance what is a fantastic modern throwback that is true to its appearance and impression.

#2 It sounds amazing

The interceptor’s stock exhaust system has a fantastic sound!

There is no need to make any changes because Royal Enfield has worked hard to perfect the sound design of its motorcycles. As a result, the interceptor’s sound is undoubtedly a part of the riding experience and, in our opinion, one of the best sounds in motorcycles.

The Interceptor 650 devours miles. It offers excellent highway stability, excellent road manners, and enough power to complete inter-city dashes.

#3 It handles well

The hardware of the 650cc bikes royal enfield Interceptor 650 is respectable. It has disc brakes at either end for stopping, and dual-channel ABS is an extra safety feature. Telescopic forks in the front and dual gas-charged shock absorbers at the back handle the bike’s suspension functions.

Considering the type of bike it is, it’s surprising how nicely the bike handles. It holds a nice line, turns pretty well, and is suitable for a hustle if desired. The rear shock becomes a little bouncy when you push on, but you may reduce this by increasing the preload.

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#4 It’s a crowd-pleaser

Again, until you possess one, you won’t realize how famous the interceptor is. Anywhere you go, you’ll find yourself surrounded by admirers who will take pictures of you, ask about the bike, and share stories of their grandfathers who formerly owned Royal Enfields. No matter how rare the motorcycle is, you can ride it with anyone.

People will pass that on their way to the Royal Enfield and gawk all over it because I’ve done it, been there, and worn the T-shirt. A parallel-twin, air-cooled, fuel-injected 648cc engine with BS6 compliance powers the new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. 47.65 PS of maximum power and 52 Nm of maximum torque are produced by this motor at 7250 RPM and 5250 RPM, respectively. This vintage motorcycle’s engine has coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox with a slipper clutch.

#5 It is pretty reasonably priced

The Interceptor 650 has a built-in retro flair that makes it incredibly appealing, much like all previous RE motorcycles. It has a circular headlamp, an attractive fuel tank with few body graphics, a lengthy single-piece seat, and dual exhausts with chrome finishes.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Color Options: Seven different colors are available for the Interceptor 650. They are Orange Crush, Canyon Red, Baker Express, Sunset Strip, Ventura Blue, and Mark Two. Downtown Drag is also listed. 

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 On Road Price: The on-road price is 3.33 lakhs rupees.

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