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How To Reset Engine Light

Checking and clearing CEL codes on your bike requires an expensive code scanner or computer. However, the Motor Company built a diagnostic mode into the computer. Your ignition keys, a finger, and a pen are all you need to record the previously stored codes before resetting.

You could occasionally see a check engine light in bike if you own and ride a motorcycle. It must happen. A check engine light might come on for several reasons, and it is rarely a significant problem. It isn’t enjoyable, and every rider ought to, at the very least, know how to turn off the check bike engine light and how to get the code to determine what it signifies. Can you verify the code, reset the light, or take your bike to the dealer?

Steps To Reset Check Engine Light On Motorcycle

Steps To Reset Check Engine Light On Motorcycle

Step 1: Set Switches To The Proper Positions

Setting the ignition switch and the run/stop switch is the first step in checking and resetting the code. It would help if you had the ignition switched off. You should set the run/stop switch to RUN.

Step 2: Activate The Diagnostic Mode

  • Push the odometer trip reset button and hold it down when the engine switch is in the off position, and the run/stop switch is in the run position.
  • Turn the ignition switch to IGNITION while depressing the reset button for the odometer, and then release it.
  • The speedometer should sweep, and the indicator lights should briefly turn on as part of the panel’s ordinary operation. Following this procedure, the odometer LCD should display the word “dIAg.”
  • The diagnostic mode is now active.

Step 3: Click Through The Module Menu

After entering “dIAg” mode, pressing the odometer reset button once will cause the screen to shift to PSSPtb, representing your bike’s various electronic system modules. P stands for “engine control module,” S for “security system,” SP for “speedometer,” t for “tachometer,” and b for “anti-lock brakes” (if your bike has them). If you press the reset button when one of the flashing lights is on to indicate you are in that module, the device will cycle through the options.

Step 4: Collect The Codes

By pressing the reset button, you can cycle through the various modules. The codes for each module can be seen by pressing and holding for five seconds. The term “none” will appear if no codes exist on that module. Please make a note of the principles that are shown so that you can utilize them later.

Step 5: Remove The Codes

You can clear the codes after recording if necessary. The word “clear” will appear once you push and hold the odometer reset button for more than five seconds. Release the reset button when you see “clear.” As you cycle through the codes, repeat these procedures. Alternatively, you can keep clicking the button until the display says “END,” indicating that the regulations have been cleared. A further click advances the computer’s part number across the screen, and a third click returns you to “PSSPtb.”

Step 6: Finished The Reset

Once the codes have been reset, switch the ignition to OFF. Run your motorcycles afterward to make sure the regulations have been cleared. Resetting codes can occasionally cause other codes to appear. If so, carry on as necessary.


Recognize your limitations! These codes could disclose practices that you might or might not be able to change. Make the repairs you are confident with, and seek advice from a qualified mechanic or expert when in doubt.

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