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Five Reasons To Buy A Yezdi Adventure
After just a few days on the Adventure, it becomes apparent how this bike rides in contrast to the other two Yezdis. However, it shouldn’t be shocking because the Adventure is the only vehicle with a rear mono-shock and a unique chassis.

5 Things To Know About the Yezdi Adventure

#1 Yezdi Adventure: Design and Specification

It also doesn’t take long to realize that Classic Legends appears to have heavily benchmarked the Royal Enfield Himalayan because, up close, the Adventure resembles the Enfield a touch too much. This bike stands out a little because of its unique engine and fuel tank designs in the Yezdi style, but the plan could have used a little more creativity. Similar to the other two Yezdis, there is room for improvement regarding material quality and general finish.

In addition, the specifications are relatively comparable, including the same 21-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel sizes, 220mm of ground clearance, and 200mm and 180mm, respectively, of front and rear suspension travel. Yezdi claims a weight of 188 kg, but that is empty. With the 15.5-liter fuel tank full, the Yezdi will likely weigh 199 kg, which is about the same as the Himalayan.

Things to Know About: Yezdi Adventure vs Himalayan

#2 Yezdi Adventure: Engine

Of course, Yezdi’s liquid-cooled, 334cc, single-cylinder engine, which produces 30.2hp and 29.9Nm, is the crucial distinction. With a more peaky top end than the Yezdi Scrambler, the engine’s power delivery is comparable to that of the Yezdi Roadster. 

However, refinement may improve, similar to the other two, as the machine becomes buzzy when pushed close to the 8,000 rpm redline and clattery at low rpm. Off-road, there is a considerable deal of bottom end, but you must be careful not to let the revs in second gear fall too soft because the engine can stall somewhat readily in certain circumstances.

#3 Yezdi Adventure: Dynamics

Due to its giant front wheel, more off-road oriented tyres, and plusher suspension setup, the Yezdi seems more accessible and more capable of riding in the dirt than the Scrambler. It gives the impression that it might be at least as capable as the Himalayan, and we’re eager to compare the two.

The Adventure floats around on the road with its comfortable suspension feeling. The rear suspension can have a slight pogo-ing effect while driving over uneven terrain because it feels underdamped and overly soft. However, there isn’t much to complain about regarding handling, given the bike’s suspension setup and tyres. The brakes on all three motorcycles are similarly sufficient but require some effort to produce forceful braking.  

#4 Yezdi Adventure: Features and Accessories 

The Adventure’s dual-channel ABS has three modes, including an off-road way that enables you to disable the rear ABS, just like the Yezdi Scrambler. The metal bash plates on both bikes seem reasonably durable, although you should still exercise some caution around the coolant reservoir, which is located underneath the engine.

As the highest Yezdi model, the Adventure receives a few extra amenities, such as a rectangular instrument console that can tilt. The Adventure also gets a pair of small TFT screens highlighting Bluetooth-enabled capabilities like call and navigation aids. The Adventure is the only Yezdi that enables Bluetooth connectivity. The actual circular LCD inside this console is the same as on the other two bikes. 

Yezdi Adventure Accessories

The headlight grille, hand guards, and lower engine guards are all optional additions that the Adventure, like the Scrambler, is sporting in this photo. Oddly, Yezdi refers to the upper metal framework that fits over the fuel tank as a required accessory, even though it is not offered with the bike. You have to pay extra to have this when you buy the bike.

Yezdi Adventure on-road price: Nevertheless, depending on your chosen color scheme, this Yezdi has reasonably priced between Rs 2.1 lakh and Rs 2.19 lakh. So it is now virtually perfectly on par with the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

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