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ATFT: How Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology Works

“Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology” is what ATFT stands for. We interpret this to suggest that the air-fuel mixture experiences “a tumbling effect” or “rolling effect,” which facilitates more efficient fuel burning.

ATFT mainly consists of engine design optimization. When the air-fuel mixture enters the combustion chamber, it causes a spinning motion. The fuel particles and air are better mixed by the spinning movement. This technology’s benefit is that fuel burns more efficiently. Clean emissions and increased fuel economy are the outcomes of this.

How Does ATFT Operate?

Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology is referred to as ATFT. The term “tumble flow” describes a cartwheel. With this method, the mixture of air and fuel tumbles or somersaults into the engine cylinder. The benefit of Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology is that it produces fuel that burns more efficiently. As a result, the engine has less pollution while making more power and improving fuel economy.

Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology primarily targets the motorcycle’s lower speed range. The top speed indicated on a motorcycle’s dashboard might never be reached because of engine restrictions and traffic patterns. It does, however, typically run at a 50–60 km/h average pace. It makes it abundantly evident that bikes usually operate at reduced engine speeds—between 20 and 30 km/h on average.

Lower engine RPM thus causes the combustion process to be incomplete. As a result, it raises the engine’s emissions. The induction process slows down significantly at low speeds. As a result, the machine does not receive enough air to burn the fuel completely. This shortcoming makes improving induction even more necessary. Automotive engineers created ATFT technology to address this problem.

Advantages Of ATFT

Tumble flow, which shows that air is moving in the cylinder’s axis direction. As a result, it helps to homogenize the fuel and air mixture. Nevertheless, its impact on creating turbulence to speed up the combustion process is negligible. Therefore, when the tumble flow completes close to the conclusion of the compression stroke, it efficiently optimizes engine combustion at light load.

Hero Motocorp’s CBZ Xtreme, Hunk, and Achiever models come equipped with ATFT technology.

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