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What Is Twin Shocks Technology By TVS

Motorcycles with twin suspension employ two shock absorbers to lessen bouncy rides and more effectively absorb bumps.

How Twin Shock Works?

This entry-level technology is utilized by TVS bikes in India in their TVS Max 4R motorcycle. The rear, which has two shock absorbers on each side, offers better ride quality and increased weight-carrying capacity—controlling the motorcycle’s overall weight when towing is another benefit. A more significant load can be supported when two shock absorbers are used instead of one. The primary target audience for this technology is bike couriers and other people who deliver goods like milk, food, and newspapers daily.

When driving with weights on uneven roads, the technology of twin shock absorbers will enhance handling and ride quality. This is because it has double the capacity to withstand road shocks than a single shock absorber. Large-goods transportation over long distances perfectly fits Twin Shock Absorber technology. It usually functions effectively on uneven roads, as seen in rural areas devoid of tarmac.

TVS Twin Shocks Technology: Pros and Cons

Advantages Of Twin Shock

In short, a single setup is less effective for transporting loads than twin shock absorbers. They are also designed to be gently sprung, allowing them to absorb bumps somewhat better and provide a supple ride. A dual-suspension system is more affordable and more straightforward to produce. In addition, it requires less maintenance. 

Disadvantages Of Twin Shock

Dual shock absorbers feature two independently operating valves and pistons. It is, therefore, very challenging to match the variance between the shocks. This causes the swingarm to twist, impacting the bike’s handling, braking, and rear wheel wear characteristics. Less stability is provided by uneven damping when navigating corners or driving at triple-digit speeds on highways.

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