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Questions to Ask When Buying a New Motorcycle

There are some important questions to ask whenever you go to buy a new motorcycle. Not all bikes are similar, and the bike you choose can have a big impact on your capacity to improve your riding skill.

Beginners don’t know much about buying a new motorcycle, so we’ve compiled a list of the eight most important questions to ask, along with some advice on how to get a good bike. Let us see what features and things you want to keep in mind while buying a new motorcycle.

8 Important Questions To Ask When Buying A New Motorcycle

  • What Is The Main Purpose Of A Motorcycle?
  • What Type Of Motorcycle Should You Buy?
  • What Should Be The Engine Size Of A Motorcycle?
  • Is This A Best Selling Motorcycle?
  • Do Motorcycles Have A Good Selection Of Aftermarket Parts?
  • How Much Will It Cost To Get Insurance?
  • Is The Seat Height Of The Motorcycle Appropriate?
  • Which Gear and Spare Parts Should You Buy?

#1 What Is The Main Purpose Of A Motorcycle?

It is important to consider where you want to use the motorcycle before buying a motorcycle as this will help you determine what type of motorcycle is best for you.

Are you planning to ride your motorcycle on snow, asphalt, gravel, or other? How you will primarily use the bike will significantly impact your decision-making process. Will you be using it as a commuter bike or a cruiser bike? You can also choose from different street bikes. These are quite popular, especially in cities where owning a motorcycle is good due to their size and low maintenance cost. On the other hand, if you want to ride on and off-road, a dual-sport motorcycle is a great option.

#2 What Type Of Motorcycle Should You Buy?

There are different types of motorcycles available in the market today based on body shape, each one best suited for a specific riding style. Few of them are

  • Sports Bikes: Sports bikes are lightweight, agile, and designed for speed. However, this type of bike is not suitable for beginners.
  • Naked/Standard Bikes: These motorcycles are quite popular and are great for beginners as they provide an upright riding position.
  • Cruiser Bikes: Cruiser bikes are designed for long-distance riding and are often heavy. Cruisers with a lower engine size, such as 180cc, 220cc, and 600cc, would be ideal for beginners looking to get cruiser bikes. They will be lighter and easier to handle than the larger engine sizes.
  • Cafe Racers: This traditional motorcycle model is particularly popular among younger riders, and because it is smaller and lighter than many other motorcycle types, cafe racer bikes are a great option for beginners. However, they can be more expensive, and insurance can be excessive in some cases.

In addition, dirt or off-road bikes are designed for a specific type of riding on gravel, mud, and dirt surfaces, Adventure Bikes are designed for commuting and touring, and finally Touring bikes are designed for touring purposes. They have larger engine sizes and fuel tanks.

#3 What Should Be The Engine Size Of A Motorcycle?

It is recommended that you select an engine size that you can easily control. Engine size depends on the type and body style of the bike you choose. Two-cylinder bikes typically have engines ranging from 600 to 750cc, which is an excellent size for beginners.

The 300-500cc engine size range is popular among beginners. This range of engines has excellent mileage per liter, which makes them cost-effective to operate. Insurance is less expensive, and there are many types to choose from, including adventure and road-going motorcycles.

#4 Is This A Best Selling Motorcycle? 

The best-selling motorcycles with a positive rating are usually a good option. In many situations, it shows that other motorcycle riders have a good sense of the quality of the bike. When a motorcycle is popular, there are usually a lot of reviews to read, this will give you a pretty good idea of the advantages and disadvantages of a motorcycle.

#5 Do Motorcycles Have A Good Selection Of Aftermarket Parts?

If you are considering buying a motorcycle to customize, having a large range of aftermarket parts is a must. Researching and checking whether aftermarket parts are compatible with the bike you want to buy is an essential step. Some bikes offer large aftermarket parts and accessory options, while some do not.

A large selection of aftermarket components to choose from is also good for the long-term maintenance and style of your motorcycle.

#6 How Much Will It Cost To Get Insurance?

Before buying any motorcycle, do a bike insurance plan. Motorcycle insurance for beginners is offered by several insurance companies. It’s usually a good idea to compare among various types of two-wheeler insurance from multiple providers to get the best deal.

Many motorbike insurance providers offer coverage similar to auto insurance, but you should inquire about any motorcycle-specific coverage. Some companies offer motorcycle-specific insurance that can be purchased as an add-on, such as for transporting a passenger.

#7 Is The Seat Height Of The Motorcycle Appropriate?

Seat height is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new motorcycle. When you stand still on the bike, check by keeping both your feet on the ground.

When you know you can keep both your feet on the ground safely, it boosts your confidence a lot. The proper motorcycle seat height will help you manage the bike, whether it stops or slows down, such as in traffic, and will help you avoid dumping it in an emergency.

#8 Which Gear and Spare Parts Should You Buy?

If you’re riding a smaller motorcycle, you might have opted to save money by buying less expensive helmets, jackets, and other accessories. Another reason to get any accessories when buying your first big bike is that you may be eligible for a discount if you buy them from the same dealer.

Always request a discount. Even if there is no statement that an item can be depreciated, the dealer will almost always be able to give you a better deal than if you buy a new motorcycle at the same time as the spare gear.

We hope this article has helped you suggest what to ask when buying a new motorcycle. We hope this article has helped you suggest what to ask when buying a new motorcycle. You may also check, Ultimate Motorcycle Buying Guide in India.

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