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Electric Scooters - Advantages and Disadvantages

The way we conduct ourselves has undergone significant change over time. This covers how we interact with one another, conduct business, order food, and even utilize technology. The current status quo is also slowly changing in the transportation and mobility industry.

The entry of electric vehicles into the Indian market by several top manufacturers has significantly impacted this transformation. The general populace has also reacted in a particular way. Although it is in its infancy, consumers still hesitate to buy electric bikes or scooters in India. As a result, electric cars are becoming more and more popular in India. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles is essential before purchasing one.

Advantages Of Electric Scooters

With increasingly powerful and efficient electric vehicles being released each year, the electric vehicle industry is finally revolutionizing the automotive industry. There are several benefits to using electric scooters and bikes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Favorable To The Environment

Electric bikes’ commitment to the environment is one of the main reasons they are so popular. They don’t emit smoke or burn fossil fuels, reducing air pollution. This is debatable, though, as most of the electricity needed to charge these scooters comes from burning coal, which is the main source of electricity in the nation. This might not be the best option unless the government creates more ecologically friendly electrical sources. As a result, compared to petrol vehicles, electric vehicles are much more environmentally friendly.

  • Decrease Operating Cost

While the upfront cost of electric motorcycles and scooters is slightly more than that of standard two-wheelers, the money you will save on fuel over time makes this a cost-effective decision. More and more individuals are switching to electric vehicles due to their cheaper operating expenses and rising fuel prices.

  • Maintenance

The absence of intricate machinery is one of the main advantages of electric scooters. As a result, compared to regular cars, the maintenance costs of such motorcycles are significantly lower.

  • Storage Room 

Storage Room As a result, they have a sizable storage area that can accommodate various items.

  • Less Noise

When driven, most automobiles make a lot of noise. You can hear scooters making noise when you step outside onto a busy street. The fact that electric bikes make little noise is another benefit.

  • Lightweight

Electric scooters are mechanically simpler than regular motorcycles and have fewer parts. They are also small and convenient to park. Although driving a heavier vehicle is more challenging, the bike’s small weight makes driving easier. You can keep your scooter inside during the rain thanks to the lightweight and compact design of the e-bike.

  • Require No Driving License

Electric scooters are appropriate for most people because they are legal to operate in many nations worldwide without a driver’s license. While having a driver’s license is not as expensive as using a car, the poorer segment of the local community may find it more affordable to use e-scooters.

  • Finding A Parking Spot Is Simple

As electric scooters are much smaller than cars, finding a parking spot is also quite simple. So, electric scooters could save you a tonne of time, especially when finding a parking space is difficult.

Disadvantages Of Electric Scooters

There are two sides to every coin. Electric Scooters have several advantages, but they also have some drawbacks. These are a few of them:

  • Battery Life 

Whenever an electric bike battery is destroyed or no longer offers sufficient range, it needs to be replaced. Batteries typically cost between Rs.12,000 and Rs. 13,000 and have a lifespan of one year, depending on the rating, brand, quality, and warranty. 

  • The E-Range Bikes

The distance an electric scooter can travel on a single charge is called its range. India’s top electric scooter models typically have a range of around 100 kilometers. In addition, the range gets shorter as the battery life gets longer. Long-distance travel might not be the most suitable use because recharging the battery takes roughly 5 hours.

  • Rebuilding And Upkeep

Because there are so few repair shops or dealers for replacement parts for this new method of transportation, e-bike repairs can be a concern. But, as e-bikes become more and more popular, repair facilities will multiply and become more widely dispersed.

  • Infrastructure Deficit

There are charging facilities every few kilometers in many wealthy nations where electric vehicles are the norm. People can pause and charge their electric vehicles or bicycles at charging stations. Despite this, India lacks such infrastructure, making long-distance driving in an electric vehicle challenging.

  • Power

When electric cars were first introduced in India, they lacked much power and could not be driven quickly. Subsequently, faster electric motorcycles and scooters were released, but they still couldn’t match the speeds of two-wheelers fueled by fuel. One of the primary drawbacks of this scooter type is its slow driving speed.

  • Insurance Issues

Since using E-scooters is still a relatively new occurrence, many insurance companies in India are still unsure how to handle those vehicles and whether or not they are covered by standard auto insurance. You should check your insurance coverage before using your electric scooter to avoid any unpleasant repercussions from inadequate insurance.

  • Compared To Vehicles Or Motorbikes, They Are Relatively Slow

Electric scooters might not be the most convenient option, especially if you’re in a rush. Since electric scooters have a speed cap, taking a car may be preferable to get where you’re going as quickly as possible.


Electric scooters offer a fantastic alternative to other modes of transportation for short distances and in large cities. Yet, there are a few issues with using electric scooters as well. If you’re considering buying an electric bike, weigh all the advantages and disadvantages to determine whether it would fit your needs.

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