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Double Silencer Bikes

The main reason people go for twin exhaust suppressor bikes in India if they’re looking for double silencer bikes is that they sound incredible. Dual exhaust motorcycles offer a strong street presence and a stunning appearance. 

The best double silencer bikes in India are included below because they are considered affordable and have BS6-compliant motors, which often pollute the environment less. The history above further demonstrates the significance of bikes, and the fact that they have a dual silencer increases their appeal to young consumers. Double silencer bike prices in India start from Rs. 1,72,415 (Ex-showroom Price).

6 Best Double Silencer Bikes in India

1. Jawa Perak

double silencer bike under 2 lakh

One of India’s two most popular silencer bikes is the Jawa Perak. Additionally, it includes a tremendous bobber-style plan. The Jawa Perak starts at Rs 2 lakhs in India, and the latest model also complies with BS6. The Jawa Perak boasts a potent 334cc single-chamber engine with a force of 32.74 Nm and 31 PS, which is insane. Finally, it sports a 6-speed transmission and a liquid-cooled engine. It is also one of the most alluring vintage two-exhaust bikes in India. 

  • The Engine in CC – 334
  • Power in PS – 31
  • Torque in NM – 32.74
  • Weight in KG – 175
  • Price (Approx.) – 2.13 Lakh

2. Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

double silencer bike royal enfield

The most tempting double silencer bike under 2 lakh in India is the bistro racer, the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. The exhaust silencer on the Continental GT 650 is finished in chrome and looks stunning. For instance, the 648cc comparable twin engine that powers the RE Continental GT 650 is limited to producing 52 Nm of peak torque and 47 HP at its peak. Additionally, it has a fuel tank breaking point of 12.5 liters and weighs about 200 kg. Additionally, it is available in five distinct hues and has a starting price of Rs. 2.90 lakhs in India.

  • The Engine in CC – 648
  • Power in PS – 47
  • Torque in NM – 52
  • Weight in KG – 200
  • Price (Approx.) – 3.19 Lakhs

3. Jawa 42

jawa double silencer bike

The Jawa 42 is regarded as the top two-silencer motorcycle on our list. The curb weight of this vintage cruiser, which has a 6-speed transmission, is almost 172 kg. Additionally, the Jawa 42 is a great retro bike that has recently been updated with new colors and designs. A 293cc single-chamber engine gives it its most astonishing power output, roughly 27.33 PS. Lastly, it is BS6 compliant and has a starting price of Rs 1.83 lakhs in India, making it among the top double silencer bikes in the country.

  • The Engine in CC – 293
  • Power in PS – 27.33
  • Torque in NM – 27.02
  • Weight in KG – 172
  • Price (Approx.) – 1.72 Lakhs

4. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

royal enfield dual silencer bike price

Another great bike on our list of dual silencer bikes in India is the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. It also boasts a robust 648cc twin engine with a max output of 47 HP and 52 Nm. Above all, it sports plate brakes with dual-channel Bosch ABS and an air-cooled motor. In conclusion, this roadster costs Rs 2.70 lakhs and complies with BS6 regulations like its bistro racer siblings, and is well known as the best silencer bike.

  • The Engine in CC – 648
  • Power in PS – 47
  • Torque in NM – 52
  • Weight in KG – 202
  • Price (Approx.) – 3.03 Lakhs

5. Bajaj Dominar 400

Bajaj double silencer bike

One of India’s most significant dual silencer bikes was restored this year and now complies with BS6 standards. A chic dual exhaust system is added to the Bajaj Dominar 400. It transmits 35 Nm of peak power and about 40 PS of power. Furthermore, a potent 374cc single-chamber engine coupled to a 6-speed transmission boasts the Dominar 400’s performance.

  • The Engine in CC – 374
  • Power in PS – 40
  • Torque in NM – 35
  • Weight in KG – 187
  • Price (Approx.) – 2.29 Lakhs

6. Kawasaki Vulcan S

double silencer bike price

The Kawasaki Vulcan S is a cruiser bike in India that has one variant and one color: Metallic Matte Carbon Grey. Its 649cc BS6 engine has dual exhaust pipes/silencer and produces 62.4 Nm torque and 59.94 horsepower. Kawasaki India launched the Vulcan S in the Indian market in December 2017. However, some time ago, in April 2023, the Japanese manufacturer introduced an updated model of the Vulcan S to compete with the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650.

The cruiser bike has an anti-locking braking system with both front and rear disc brakes. The Vulcan S bike has a 14-liter fuel tank and weighs 235 kg.

  • The Engine in CC – 649
  • Power in PS – 59
  • Torque in NM – 62
  • Weight in KG – 235
  • Price (Approx.) – 7.11 Lakhs


This article attempted to rank the top double silencer bikes available in India across a range of price points. We examined everything from the entry-level price range to the premium price range.

Many more bikes in India have a double silencer setup, but we have selected the six most popular models.

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