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MCWG in Driving License

There are specific driving laws and regulations in India. Among these categories that are commonly found on driver’s licenses is MCWG. It stands for “Motorcycle With Gear.” To put it briefly, getting this endorsement on your driver’s license essentially allows you to ride a motorbike with gears. For motorcycles without gears, there’s a different licensing category that differs significantly from this one.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know, whether you want to obtain an MCWG driving license or are just interested in learning more.

What is the MCWG?

What is MCWG, then? The complete spelling of MCWG is “Motor Cycle with Gear MCWG,” and it refers to a kind of license that the Road Transport Authority in India has approved. It allows you to ride motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, and bikes with 50cc or larger engines and gears.

To put it another way, a type of driver’s license permits you to ride a motorcycle that has gears.

It is crucial to remember that scooters and mopeds—motorcycles without gears—come under different classifications and need different kinds of driver’s licenses.


On a driver’s license, MCWG stands for “Motor Cycle with Gear.”

Qualifications For An MCWG Driver’s License

To apply for an MCWG driving license, you have to fulfill specific eligibility requirements. These are the typical qualifications; however, they may differ significantly depending on the locality.

  • AGE – To apply for an MCWG driver’s license, you must be eighteen.
  • LEARNER’S LICENSE – A valid learner’s license is required for a minimum of 30 days. With this temporary license, you can train and get experience riding an MCWG under the guidance of a licensed rider.
  • THEORY TEST – To prove your understanding of traffic laws, road signs, and safe riding techniques, you must pass a theory test.
  • PRACTICAL TEST – Passing a practical riding test that requires you to show that you can control a motorbike, navigate different terrain, and follow traffic laws.

If you pass the practical riding test, you will have proven that you can control the motorcycle, navigate different terrains, and follow traffic laws.

How To Apply Online For An MCWG Driving License

It is now more accessible and more straightforward to apply online for an MCWG driver’s license. You can navigate the process with the help of our step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Go To The Official Website

For applications for driver’s licenses, visit Parivahan’s official website at

Step 2: Go To The Section On Driving Licenses

To apply for a driving license, choose the state in which you want to obtain one and then follow the on-screen instructions. Please be aware that to apply for the DL, you must possess a current Learner’s License (LL).

Step 3: Complete The Application

Fill out the online application form with the correct information. This usually consists of your name, residence, educational background, and, if relevant, information from your prior driver’s license.

Step 4: Put Documents Online

Scan and submit the necessary files, including your LL and proof of address, age, and identification.

Step 5: Proceed With The Application Fee Payment

Proceed to use the website’s online payment mechanism to pay the application cost as specified.

Step 6: Select Your Test Slot

If applicable, pick a good day and time for your theory and practical exams. You will be able to select from a list of possibilities displayed by the online system.

Step 7: Schedule The Exam

Verify the time slot you have selected and finish the booking process. Don’t forget to take notes and bring them with you on test day.

Step 8: Show Up For The Test

Present for the theory and practical exams on the appointed date by going to the test center with the required paperwork.

How To Apply Offline For An MCWG Driving License

Use these procedures to apply for an MCWG driving license offline if that is your preferred method of application.

Step 1: Get Hold Of The Application

Visit your neighborhood Regional Transport Office (RTO) to obtain an updated driver’s license application.

Step 2: Complete The Online Form

Complete the application form thoroughly, making sure that all the necessary information is correct and readable.

Step 3: Assemble The Documents

Gather the required paperwork, including your learner’s license, proof of identity, proof of address, and passport-sized photos.

Step 4: Send In The Paperwork And The Form

At the designated counter in the RTO, turn in the completed application form together with the required supporting documentation.

Step 5: Make The Fee Payment

At the specified payment counter, provide the application fee as prescribed. Make sure you have a receipt as evidence of your payment.

Step 6: Reserve A Test Time Slot

If necessary, schedule a convenient day and time for your theory and practical exams. You’ll be given the options that the RTO provides.

Step 7: Show Up For The Test

Arrive at the assigned testing location on the given date, bring the required paperwork, and show up on time for the theory and practical exams.

Advantages Of Having An MCWG Driver’s License

Having an MCWG driver’s license has many benefits. These are the main advantages of obtaining an MCWG DL.

1. Increased Portability

Being able to ride a motorbike with gears gives you the freedom to travel to new places and make simple local commutes when you have an MCWG driving license.

2. More Opportunities For Employment

A valid MCWG driving license is required for many jobs, including delivery personnel. Possessing one can improve your chances of landing such jobs and open up work opportunities.

3. Personalized Ease

Possessing a motorbike with gears of your own can increase mobility, flexibility, and convenience, allowing you to go more conveniently and at your own pace.

4. Enhancement Of Skills

Getting an MCWG driving license requires examination and training that improves your driving skills, sense of awareness of the road, and understanding of traffic laws. Gaining these abilities helps you drive more responsibly and safely.

Documentation Required To Get A License

Having the necessary paperwork ready is critical to a smooth application process, whether it be online or offline. Here is an exhaustive list.

  • Form 4 is the application for a driving license for a motor vehicle.
  • You can use your birth certificate, PAN card, passport, or school leaver certificate as identification of your age.
  • Proof of address documents include Aadhaar cards, voter ID cards, passports, utility bills (phone and power bills), and residential rental agreements.
  • A valid learner’s license has been held for a minimum of thirty days.
  • A passport’s size picture: Typically, two or three images are required.
  • For applicants who are over 50 or who are applying under the commercial category, a medical certificate is essential.
  • Certificate of Training: If this is from an approved driving school, it may help expedite the process.


Riding a motorbike on the road with gears requires skill, knowledge, and responsibility. Drivers who possess an MCWG driving license are ensured to be suitably trained and equipped for their jobs. Whether you apply offline or online, the objective is the same: to promote safe driving and more secure roadways.

India needs skilled drivers who respect other road users and themselves, especially considering its congested streets and diverse traffic conditions. They also need to understand their vehicles. A step towards achieving that goal is obtaining an MCWG license, which ensures you can ride with competence and confidence.

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