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Advantages For Government Employees While Buying A Two-Wheeler
You may not know that motorcycle companies offer government employees many benefits. Those who work in government jobs get many benefits. Similarly, there are many advantages when buying a motorcycle. Are you a government employee? Are you interested in purchasing a bike?

What are The Benefits For Government Employees?

1. Cash Discounts

Two-wheeler industry leaders Hero MotoCorp and Honda have begun providing exclusive discounts and offers to government workers and retirees to increase sales. No matter the ticket size, Hero MotoCorp, the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the nation, is providing cash discounts of Rs. 1,500 on every product (motorcycles and scooters). Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI), the second-largest participant, is giving government personnel hefty discounts on three motorcycle brands—Dream Neo, Dream Yuga, and CB Shine—up to Rs 10,000.

2. Get Loan Easily

Many times they get loans quickly. Many times buying a bike is not a problem. It is easy for them to qualify. Many NBFC companies provide loans to government employees at very low-interest rates. It is a significant advantage for government employees.

3. Discount on Road tax

Many times government employees have to pay less TAX while buying the bike. These are primarily seen in defense employees of the central government. Some states also offer these benefits to their employees.

4. Get a Discount On Insurance

Many bike insurance companies offer discounts to government employees. Long-term bike insurance contracts, No Claim Bonus (NCB) perks, and other incentives are provided by insurance firms to their customers who work for the government.

5. Get a Personal Accident Cover

Sometimes the insurance company will cover (up to a certain amount) in case you suffer total permanent disability. If the policyholder passes away, your family will receive the sum assured from the insurance company, which is the biggest advantage for government employees.

6. Got Offer During The Festival

Before festivals, a significant portion of two-wheeler customers’ expenditures is made by government officials and their families. Government employees get this facility during the festival. It varies by state and festival. For example, I say During Durga Puja in West Bengal, many bike companies offer some discounts for govt employees. Again some bike companies give discounts on their price during their Ganesh Puja in Maharashtra.

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