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most reliable motorcycle brands in India

When selecting your ideal bike, reliability might be the last thing on your mind (you can’t rationalize a BMW M1000RR), but it’s still an important consideration. How would you be able to enjoy it if it wasn’t reliable? Who, though, produces the most reliable motorcycles? That question plagues any new bike buyer, and you are most likely one of them.

Let’s face it—there are misconceptions about motorcycle reliability and maintenance. Because of their erratic electronics and conceited engines, Ducati motorcycles are considered the epitome of silliness, while Honda motorcycles are revered as the pinnacle of reliability. Not to mention Harley-Davidson and its propensity to splatter oil everywhere. However, the reality may differ greatly from the cliché, or may it? The world’s most reliable motorcycle brands are listed here.

10 Most Reliable Motorcycle Companies

1. Yamaha


It’s easy to understand why Yamaha is ranked as the most reliable motorbike manufacturer in the world. Similar to Honda, Yamaha makes use of its extensive production capabilities and expertise in producing a wide variety of automobiles. Yamaha Motorcycles are, therefore, well-engineered and require little maintenance.

The fact that Yamaha requires more expensive maintenance than Honda is another thing to take into account. Since the report was released years ago, this has altered. But we can overlook that because Yamaha has given us bikes like the YZF-R1 and YZF-R7.

2. Honda


Honda is ranked as the second most reliable motorbike manufacturer worldwide, right after Suzuki (though we all know Honda is the true victor, don’t we?). The fact that classic Goldwing motorcycles are still being driven on the motorways speaks much about how reliable, durable, and inexpensively maintained Honda motorcycles are. Part of the reason Honda bikes are so reliable is the brand’s extensive engineering experience in creating engines for anything from cars to boats. The simple response “It’s a Honda” suffices to answer a question about a Honda’s reliability.

3. Suzuki


Although we like to joke that Suzuki motorcycles are like squid rockets, the fact is that these are some of the most overly complicated vehicles on the road. The Hayabusa is the ideal illustration; even at its quickest factory tune, it still has potential for further power. Does anyone want a turbo-busa? Depending on the model you choose, the only reason Suzuki motorbikes lag behind Honda and Yamaha is the electronics. Other than that, Suzuki motorcycles are about as reliable as they come.

4. Kawasaki


In terms of reliability, out of the four brands, Kawasaki is the least reliable, with Japanese companies dominating the market. But even with a 15% failure rate that has dramatically decreased in the past few years, Kawasaki motorcycles are incredibly reliable. It’s safe to claim that the reliability of Japanese motorcycles is comparable. But the kind of motorcycles Kawasaki offers, combined with a marginally higher service and ownership cost, are what really set them apart. Kawasakis push the boundaries of engineering, are heavily tech-laden, and provide premium components at a reduced cost, all of which somewhat compromise their reliability.

5. Harley Davidson


Another illustration of how far a brand has come is Harley-Davidson. While many people have reported oil leaks and unplanned breakdowns since its inception, the truth is that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are generally trustworthy today, even if they are purchased and used.

They may not be exactly as precise and sophisticated as their Japanese equivalents, but they certainly don’t come close. These motorcycles are a common sight on the highways because they withstand the demands of riders so admirably. As previously mentioned, maintaining your Harley-Davidson properly only requires following the manufacturer’s suggested servicing intervals, which significantly reduces the likelihood of an oil leak or other system issue.

6. Triumph


Triumph motorcycles have a mixed reputation, so here’s where you start to enter the gray area. Their reputation did suffer as a result of the 1990s oil leak problems. Though British engineering isn’t usually thought to be the most reliable (think Land Rover or Jaguar), take a look at Triumph motorcycles nowadays. We all adore and value these extremely polished specimens. Yes, a few years ago, Triumph’s three-cylinder engine did have some problems, but now things are different. Triumph no longer has the 29% reliability grade that was in place ten years ago.

7. Ducati


It’s common knowledge that Ducatis may be difficult to maintain. Many Ducati owners have reported that, up until the time of servicing, their overall ownership experience has been positive.

The brand’s extreme emphasis on performance and design, which comes at the expense of demanding components, erratic electronics, poor after-sales support, expensive ownership expenses, and the complex Desmo servicing need, is the reason for Ducati’s lower ratings. It’s interesting to note that, in spite of these problems, the Ducati continues to be a top choice for enthusiasts searching for unique Italian motorcycles.

8. BMW


In the 2015 Consumer Report, BMW Motorrad has a dismal 40% failure rate. Owners claimed several concerns, including electrical malfunctions, a higher number of possibly malfunctioning parts and features, defective gasoline pumps, fragile components, and higher overall servicing costs.

Considering the reputation of German engineering for accuracy and robustness, this may seem unexpected. Again, it’s crucial to remember that the 40% rating might not fully capture the circumstances at hand. Since 2015, BMW Bikes has made a lot of improvements, and their current models are at the most reliable point. As such, it is best to approach the score cautiously.

9. KTM


Across all motorcycle classes, KTM is renowned for creating some of the most thrilling vehicles. In addition, their motorcycles are often associated with stunting in general, wheelies, and power slides. Although it’s not a guarantee, KTMs are typically ridden aggressively. Despite their many advantages, they are not without problems.

It has been observed that they frequently experience problems with the electronics, fuel pumps, seepage of oil, and small problems with the suspension. That being said, a good number of KTM riders don’t challenge their machines to the maximum every time they go on a ride.

Therefore, even if the Consumer Reports conclusion is a reliable guide, there are steps you can take to be sure a KTM doesn’t develop unexpected problems if you’re dead set on owning one. As a result, they avoid malfunctions and expensive repair fees.



Aprilia is a global manufacturer of motorcycles that have an extremely unique appearance and excellent handling. Motorbikes like the Tuareg 600, RS 250, Tuono 1000, and even the RSV Mille bear witness to this. Considering how long they’ve been doing this, it shouldn’t be shocking. Back in 1968, they switched from producing bicycles to motorcycles.

However, the brand’s reputation for reliability isn’t particularly strong. Although the degree of trustworthiness differs throughout models, in general, there are a lot of worries about Aprilia motorcycles in internet forums.

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