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Leave Your Bike Outside In The Sunlight

Your bike’s appearance, functionality, and lifespan may all suffer if you leave it outside in the sun. Metal components may rust and corrode, and paint may fade and oxidize due to UV radiation. Discover the specific effects of putting your bike outside in the sun by reading on.

Why Should You Not Leave Your Two-Wheeler Outside In The Sunlight?

India experiences tropical monsoon weather. The middle region is arid, whereas the eastern and western regions are hot and muggy. Summertime brings extremely high temperatures along with oppressive humidity. If someone rides out on his motorcycle in this scenario, he will probably park it in the sun.

It is essentially unavoidable, which is presumably why there is no worry. Hardly any escape routes exist. It can be challenging for city people to find shade when parking. But for the reasons listed below, you should steer clear of parking in the sun.

1. Color Fading

Especially in the summer, if you park your new bike in direct sunshine, the color may fade. Color fading occurs over time from repeated exposure rather than all at once. Another cause of early color distortion is rain. It is a significant issue since it can be costly to restore the color to its previous splendor once it has been distorted.

2. Tyre Damage

If your motorcycle is left in the sun for an extended period, the tyres may suffer damage. The tyres lose strength and become mushy. The tires will gradually begin to thin and will eventually have a lower lifespan.

3. Seat Heating

The most bothersome thing about letting your motorcycle sit in the sun is that the handlebars and seat get heated up. The “hot seat” will cause you to leap off your bike as soon as you get on and get ready to ride off. Regular exposure to direct sunlight shortens the seat’s lifespan and deteriorates its quality.

4. Causing Damage To The Battery

A motorcycle’s battery is a crucial part, and leaving it out in the sun might harm it. We noted in our introduction that electric scooters could catch fire if they were left parked in the sun. The battery did heat up after being exposed to the summer sun for an extended period, which is what caused self-ignition. 

5. Fuel Evaporation

Some people say that the petrol in a bike’s fuel tank evaporates when the vehicle is left in direct sunshine, although there is very little evidence to support this theory. The fact that petrol, diesel, and fuel all evaporate at room temperature is undeniable. 

Additionally, exposure to sunshine speeds up the evaporation process. Does petrol, however, evaporate from a bike’s tank? Most likely not. The explanation for this is that motorbike fuel tanks are made to endure heat and keep petrol vapor inside. It is pretty unlikely that the fuel will escape its containment, even if it gets noticeably heated inside the tank.

6. Causes Of Accessories Damage

Constant exposure to the intense heat of the sun can seriously harm motorcycle accessories consisting of plastic and rubber. Cheap rubber and plastics tend to harden and become brittle when exposed to the sun and rain for an extended period.

Is it, therefore, harmful to leave a motorbike outside in the sun?


Your bike may sustain irreversible damage from direct sunlight. It is, therefore, strongly advised that you park them in the shade.

A Pro Tip:

It might be nearly impossible to obtain a covered parking spot at times, especially in urban areas. In these situations, you can employ a time-tested technique: always have a long towel on hand. A long, fluffy bath towel extending from the handlebars to the rear fence is often used to cover bikes. It’s a great little trick that helps prevent the bike seat from metaphorically becoming a frying pan. Scooters, however, are not a good fit for this feat.


The summers are hot in almost all of India, and it’s the wrong time for people to ride their two-wheelers. It is agony to ride a bike in intense heat, and it is pretty dangerous to park one in such conditions. We hope that this blog post will help you come up with a plan for shielding your bike from the sun.

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