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Old Legendary Bikes

India’s Best Old Legendary Bikes that once rule the two-wheeler industry.

Humans are social creatures; many things have been discovered for human needs. The motorcycle is one of them. The bike is an invention that brings things closer. People are like that forever on earth, Just like the many motorcycles we have sat down to forget. Today in this article, you will find some old legendary bikes of India that we have forgotten. Those memories still exist today.

10 Legendary Bikes of All Time in India

1. Yamaha RX 100

yamaha old bike in India

Although many bikes have come and gone, the Yamaha RX100 is still the best option. The motorcycle completely changed the 2-stroke category. The power output from the 98cc 2-stroke engine was 10.8hp. It ceased to exist in 1996, but for a better reason. The government imposed pollution standards, which ended the dominance of 2-stroke old legendary bikes in the Indian market. Many people still adore the RX 100 and are willing to spend more than the bike’s original price.

2. Hero Honda CD 100

old indian bikes

The partnership between Hero and Honda was one of the most successful in the Indian auto industry. Due to their cost and dependability, these bikes formerly dominated the two-wheeler market. The corporation provided them with this initiative. Hero Honda’s CD 100 is a motorcycle with 7.5 horsepower and 7.16 Nm maximum torque. The bike’s excellent performance was primarily due to its incredible mileage of 80 km/l.

3. BSA Bond 50

BSA Bond 50

Many of you may remember this brand from when cycles were produced under it. However, the Birmingham Small Arms Corporation Ltd. (BSA; I’ll bet many of you don’t know the full name) also produced motorcycles. Formerly, BSA was the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. At that moment, Bond 50 walked in. It was a little bike with a 50cc two-stroke engine. This was one of the first motorcycles to use a rear mono-shock suspension.

4. Hero Puch

Hero Puch

You’re not big enough to have a big punch, are you? No, this did not involve a fraudulent advertisement. It was truly quite potent. The power output of the 65cc engine was over 4hp. With just two gears, it could previously achieve 67 kph, all thanks to the Porche-designed appearance. It was undoubtedly a masterpiece in its design.

5. LML Adreno

LML Adreno

The large wheelbase of the 110cc 4-stroke LML motorcycle offered it the utmost steadiness. Without emitting vibrations, it could easily reach 100 km/h. It could travel about 70 km on a single liter of petrol using those statistics as well. It had no trouble accelerating to 9000 rpm. Yet how? The engine can breathe more air because there is a fourth additional valve in the cylinder rather than just three. However, the higher price did not draw many buyers, and LML had to stop producing the bike.

6. Hero Honda Karizma

best bike ever in india

The firm, not I, is the one making that claim. When Karizma was first introduced in 2003 as a joint effort between Hero and Honda, it quickly gained popularity. Young people became fans of the bike because of its stylish appearance. It was propelled by a 223cc 4-stroke engine with a maximum torque of 19.35Nm and horsepower of 19.2. Impressive! Although Hero Motocorp later released Karizma ZMR, which continued the sports bike’s history, this model was retired. Even today, many riders are crazy about these 2000s legend bikes in india.

7. Yamaha RX-Z

yamaha old bikes

The RX-Z received the legacy lamp from the RX100, which did well and maintained the RX brand’s high status. A 132cc 2-stroke engine with a maximum torque of 12Nm and a power output of 16hp propelled it. The bike was easily capable of reaching 120 km/h.

8. Yamaha Enticer

yamaha old indian bike

In India, the cruiser bike market has long since gained notoriety. Yamaha, however, entered the market with the Enticer, India’s first real cruiser, when it was not as well-liked. It arrived, and it won. The cruiser’s reasonable price and fashionable appearance drew young Indians to it. It was propelled by a 123cc engine with a maximum torque of 10.4Nm and 11 horsepower.

9. Honda VRF 1200F

Honda VRF 1200F old motorcycle

When the Suzuki Bandit entered India, the sports tourer was also introduced. The absence of the clutch lever added appeal to the motorcycle. What!?! An unclutched bicycle! How is it even conceivable that? There is an easy solution. A clutch box with DCT was included with the VRF 1200F. Damn! The features included CBS, ABS braking system, slipper clutch, and many others. The 1237cc V4 engine had an astounding output of 171.62hp and 129Nm of peak torque. However, the clients considering the price tag of $17,50,000, were turned off by all these features and power. Many Indian consumers looked over the Honda VRF 1200F because of this figure. 

10. Royal Enfield Mini Bullet

oldest bike in india

Bullet has established itself as a well-known brand in India, particularly in Punjab and Haryana. Every second street corner in the country has a Bullet 350. Due to its weight, not everyone can comfortably drive it. At this moment, the company created the Mini Bullet, a lightweight version of the large bike. It had a 200cc engine and appeared to have lost much weight. If somehow bikes are available in the market, Riders will be huge fans of these old legendary bikes of all time.

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