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Things To Know Before Riding High-Speed Bikes In India

Every day, influential and renowned brands of high-speed motorcycles enter Indian streets. In India, the bike scene is evolving quickly, but road safety is not. The actual query is: Where might we use this untapped power? There is a lack of attention to road safety and poor road conditions. Our recent observation led us to conclude that, on Indian highways, high-speed bikes can safely be ridden within the speed limit of 100 km/h when equipped with the necessary safety gear. Any speed over 100 km/h significantly increases the risk.

In India, you never know who might appear out of nowhere. There are instances where traffic signs are absent. Not every road has the correct markings. This puts riders of fast bikes in precarious circumstances. With the ease with which top-of-the-line bikes can cruise at 130–140 km/h, you have very little time—literally, seconds—to respond to any scenario that may arise in front of you. You shouldn’t ride fast if you genuinely adhere to motorcycle safety precautions and regulations.

The days of motorcyclists having limited options are long gone. Currently offered are well-known manufacturers, including Yamaha, Ducati, and Triumph. High-speed entry-level bikes are also offered by manufacturers such as KTM & Benelli. You have many options but must ride them to follow your desires. We’ve included some advice in this post that should assist you in riding these kinds of powerful, fast bikes on Indian roads.

What To Know Before Riding High-Speed Bikes

1. Before Riding The High-Speed Bikes, Read The User Manual

Reading the user manual is the first and most crucial thing you should do when buying a new bike. Most riders don’t read the handbook before getting on their fast bikes. The engine and numerous other bike components could sustain significant damage. You need to know and comprehend the engine’s running period, service intervals, and essential maintenance like lubricating and opening the chain to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Furthermore, even after years of riding your bike, you won’t be able to identify the features if you don’t read them. You might not have used features like riding modes, cruise control, and damping control if you didn’t read the owner’s manual for your bike. Thus, carefully and thoroughly read it.

2. At What Speed Are High-Speed Bikes Safe To Ride At?

One of the most essential things is speed! You can only fully utilize the capabilities of a high-speed bike on highways; in cities, this is not possible. But you have to be aware of everything around you at all times. Be cautious when crossing the road on dividers since pedestrians may not see your bike.

Tractors pulling carts, bullock carts, pedestrians, and “feriwallas” (cart-pullers) may all appear out of nowhere in front of you from the left side of the road. Additionally, some people obsessed with speed may suddenly approach from the left side and pass you quickly, as if they were trying to win a race. Make frequent use of the rearview mirror to steer clear of these risks. Never speed in towns and cities, even if you feel like it. The 100cc scooters are smaller and could pass you quickly. Thus, be patient and let them go.

Riding a motorbike at high speeds requires a lot of responsibility. Never forget you can overtake them in seconds with a slight throttle twist. But towns and city regions with heavy traffic are not the appropriate places to accelerate, so give them a break.

3. Safety Equipment For Bikes With High Speeds

An essential item for fast riding! A large selection of safety equipment is on the market, including complete racing outfits that keep you secure on racetracks and roadways. Never forget that you buy motorcycle safety gear for your protection, not for the protection of others. Riding a bike at a fast pace is all about safety. Wear your gear, regardless of how far you plan to ride. We highly advise investing in safety equipment rather than extras while buying a high-speed bike.

4. High-Speed Bike Parking, Storage, And Transportation

Always watch your bike, especially when riding, as you never know who might approach you maliciously. The theft of expensive bikes is becoming more common in India. When storing your bike for an extended period, ensure it’s clean, lubricates any metal surfaces, and adheres to any other user handbook requirements.

Occasionally, riders would rather haul their fast bikes to a far-off place. In these situations, vehicles or railroads are typically used for transportation. The motorcycle must be packed correctly before shipping. It’s also good to purchase insurance for these motorcycles to strengthen security. Buying insurance will enable the rider to recoup some of the costs in the event of damage.

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