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Electric Motorcycle Buying Guide India

You’d want to purchase an electric motorcycle. Congratulations, and welcome to the future. This buyer’s guide to electric motorcycles has all the necessary details to make a reliable purchase. You’ll also need to make the most of it and stay clear of the most common hazards.

As you know, there are various differences between electric and petrol bikes. Although battery-powered bikes are expected to dominate the two-wheeler vehicle market, the market will only phase out ICE motorcycles soon. We’re still quite early in the adoption curve, so only some dealers will have high-quality electric motorcycles.

Let’s get started with our buyer’s guide to electric motorcycles.

What is an Electric Motorcycle?

Electric motorcycles use electronic motors instead of the familiar internal combustion engines. Electric bikes are very similar to their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, save for the fact that their energy source is a lithium-ion battery rather than a gas tank. Different types of batteries are used in electric bikes, which can produce different power outputs.

Numerous manufacturers create electric motorcycles in a variety of sizes and designs. Like any other motorbike, you must have the proper license, insurance, and other documentation to ride one, regardless of how they are built.

Electric Motorcycles Vs Mopeds Vs Scooters Vs Electric Bikes

Electric Motorcycle

The two-wheeled personal vehicles with the highest top speeds and ranges are electric motorbikes because they have strong engines and big battery packs. You can only drive electric motorbikes on roadways, not on bike lanes or sidewalks, and they need a driver’s license. One of the most popular subcategories of electric motorbikes is represented by electric dirt bikes.

Electric Mopeds 

In terms of size, speed, and range, electric mopeds (sometimes referred to, confusingly, as electric scooters) fall short of motorcycles. Typically, they have a step-through frame, smaller wheels, and a motor with lower performance. You might be permitted to drive an electric moped without a motorcycle-class license or even without any license, depending on your jurisdiction and the vehicle’s power.

Electric Scooters

Due to ride-sharing services like Lime and Bird, compact, deck-equipped electric scooters have become commonplace in numerous cities. These are designed to be ridden standing up, much like kick scooters. Although they have small wheels and a short range, they can occasionally be used on sidewalks and are lightweight.

Electric Bikes

A battery and electric bike motors are added to an ordinary pedal-powered motorcycle to form electric bikes. It allows them to go astounding speeds while functioning as a regular bike when the battery runs out. Although some types resemble traditional bicycles almost exactly, they are usually substantially heavier.

What Is The Price of an Electric Motorcycle?

Similar to traditional motorcycles, there is an electric bike model to fit any budget. As a result of fewer possibilities, electric motorcycles tend to be more expensive than ICE models.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Electric Motorcycles

There are various advantages and disadvantages of an electric motorcycle. Let’s know what they are.

Advantages Of Electric Motorcycles

There are several reasons why people prefer electric motorcycles.

First, a growing number of individuals value being “green.” Compared to their gas-guzzling competitors, battery-powered vehicles help cut emissions and keep the air cleaner, as a growing portion of the world’s electrical mix is produced from sustainable sources. But those times when only those concerned about the environment took EVs seriously are long over. Owning an electric motorcycle provides tangible advantages, some of which are financial.

Second, For starters, operating an electric motorcycle can be less expensive than using an ICE one, depending on the cost of power and petrol in your area. That extends beyond the price of fuel because many places now provide tax breaks and other benefits for eco-friendly vehicles. Because they are built more simply than ICE motorcycles, electric motorcycles can be less expensive to run. Because there are fewer parts, there are also fewer that could break or need maintenance or replacement. The only issues you’ll have to deal with are tires and brake pads.

Third, Electric motorbikes are more comfortable to ride and can be used in locations where noisy internal combustion engines have been deemed a nuisance due to their lower noise levels than petrol-powered bikes. Electric motorcycles offer immediate torque, and their maximum torque is reached at zero revolutions per minute (RPM). This allows even more affordable electric motorcycles to sprint from a stoplight and defeat more potent and pricey ICE motorcycles.

Lastly, if changing gears on a motorcycle makes you nervous, you’ll be relieved to learn that electric motorbikes lack gears. This makes them easier to ride, even for beginners.

Disadvantages Of Electric Motorcycles

No technology is flawless, of course, and even if it were, some individuals could still prefer another for irrational reasons. The same holds for electric two-wheelers.

Start with range. The term “range anxiety” about automobiles is certainly familiar to you; it refers to the dreaded sensation of not knowing if you’ll get to your destination or the next charging station before your battery runs out. The same applies to electric motorcycles. This might not be a problem for you; for instance, if you ride within the city and have a charger nearby or at home, the range provided by your motorcycle will be more than adequate. It’s a different scenario if you frequently cruise on your bike over many miles. There are few electric cruisers available because of this.

The good news is that global charging infrastructure and modern battery technologies are constantly improving.

Another area for improvement could be charging time, as you can only quickly fill up like you can with a gas tank. You will still need to carefully plan your journeys even if certain manufacturers, like Evoke, provide quick charging technology.

Another issue is upfront costs and competitiveness. Electric motorcycles are only available, and with fewer options comes less competition and higher consumer prices. However, things are improving as more businesses, including industry heavyweights like Honda and Yamaha, begin to recognize the upcoming reality of electric vehicles. The cheaper costs for power and maintenance more than makeup for the more expensive upfront cost.

Documents Require to Ride an Electric Motorcycle in India?

Electric Motorcycle: License, Insurance, Legality, and Other Tiny Print

Your electric motorcycle is just another motorcycle in the eyes of the law. To ride one, you’ll probably need a unique license, and you’ll still need insurance. Before shelling out cash for brand new bikes, please research because each nation or state has its regulations. Pay attention to factors that can work in your favor; for example, certain nations exclude electric motorcycles from paying some taxes and fees, or you might be eligible for subsidies.

You won’t have to worry about the bike not being street legal if you get an electric motorcycle from a reputable manufacturer, as opposed to purchasing a home-built conversion. Electric dirt bikes are the sole exemption, as they are not required to include rearview mirrors, headlights, or taillights. Before riding an electric bike on the road, check rto rules and regulation for electric bikes in india.

Is It Better To Wait To Buy an Electric Motorcycle?

You must first decide what kind of motorcycle you desire. The qualifier “electric” is only added on top of that. Do you prefer a motorcycle with a short range or one with a longer one? Do you prefer practicality or want to tear up dirt tracks? What is your budget, of course?

You might discover that there are few excellent possibilities right now depending on the answers to these questions. Sure, the Harley Davidson Livewire seems like a wonderful package if you have Rs. 2,50,000, and down the road, Zero’s electric motorcycles are capable options. However, the scope of the offer is still limited, so you may wish to wait a few more years. The future of the electric bike industry in India will be huge in the coming ten years. You’ll have more options in a few years as more electric bike companies take the road and the industry’s titans focus on this new market.

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