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Bike Trellis Frame

What Is A Motorcycle Trellis Frame?

The term “trellis” refers to a framework or mesh. This kind of motorbike frame exists. As the name implies, the trellis frame comprises several tiny, straight tubes welded into several “triangles.” Manufacturers create these triangles out of either aluminum or steel. This frame has the high strength and rigidity needed to handle a variety of stresses because of the chain of triangles.

Trellis Frame: Construction

A trellis frame directly connects the steering head and swing-arm pivot. It is constructed in a triangle using many metal tubes soldered together. A trellis frame is usually made by manufacturers using small metal tube parts that are formed like circles or ovals. The mesh-like frame structure is created by welding these components together.

Trellis Frame: Design

The motorcycle engine is attached underneath the frame in this arrangement. Additionally, the engine is a stressed component. This indicates that the motor experiences the same stress as the other frame tubes. The machine increases the frame’s stiffness and is considered an integral part. A well-designed structure provides a sturdy, lightweight framework. This makes it easier to put the engine and other components and provides improved access for upkeep and servicing.

Trellis Frame: Advantages

The trellis-type frame also has the advantage of being lighter than the cradle type. This is mainly because the engine is used to perform structural functions. Consequently, reinforcement of the machine is also required. As a result, producing this kind of frame is more expensive than making cradle frames.

Manufacturers like this frame design over alternative ones because of its low weight. The majority of contemporary naked sports bikes and street bikes have trellis-style frames. Building a trellis frame involves a more involved process than building an alloy beam frame. But all it takes is a competent technician and a straightforward jig.

It doesn’t require a large initial investment or significant manufacturing costs. Therefore, start-up businesses and other manufacturers who produce motorcycles in relatively modest quantities would find this style of frame ideal. However, because of this design’s affordability, most manufacturers have been using it recently. Many manufacturers choose this frame for their motorcycles just because of this.

Moreover, motorcycles emphasizing performance tend to favor this kind of lightweight frame. Trellis frames are used in the chassis design of some motorcycles, such as the Ducati Monster 821 and KTM 390 Duke.

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