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 Triple Spark Technology

To ignite the fuel, Triple Spark Technology uses three identical spark plugs. Nevertheless, this engine uses three spark plugs instead of the single plug in a typical petrol engine. Bajaj Auto uses Triple spark technology for enhanced pick-up, power, and throttle response.

The Operation Of The Three Spark Technology

This technology was created by Bajaj Auto and used in the Bajaj Pulsar NS200. The three-spark plug technique offers quick and efficient combustion with partial load. As a result, it contributes to reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

A sophisticated ECU manages the 3-Spark engine. According to Bajaj Auto, a three-spark motor may burn fuel 27% more quickly than a twin-spark engine. But it is nearly 50% faster than a traditional single-spark engine design. Faster combustion contributes to the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber burning completely. Consequently, it aids in achieving improved emissions. Additionally, it helps Bajaj motorcycles achieve greater fuel efficiency.

The brains of the fuel injection system are the microprocessor-based Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It interprets data from multiple sensors and quickly calculates the best fuel mix and spark timing for various engine running circumstances.

The engine’s characteristics are fully represented in the ECU, from which it extracts the data required to control fuelling and spark timing.

The following are fuel injection’s primary benefits.

  • Higher power output with the same CC.
  • Improved torque at the low end.
  • Reduced fuel supply and spark timing optimization.
  • Enhanced reaction to abrupt acceleration, faster warm-up, and cold start times.
  • Reduced emissions.
  • Self-detection and reporting of any fuel system problems.

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