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Xtec Technology In Hero

Every motorcycle company in India must register the names of the next motorcycles it plans to release with the Indian Government’s IP and Trade Mark Department. This grants them the exclusive right to use that branding so that competitors cannot profit from the cult that forms.

Hero MotoCorp has now trademarked one after TVS Motor Company registered several new names for its upcoming models. The largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world recently trademarked the word “XTEC,” defined as “Vehicles; Apparatus for Locomotion by Land, Air or Water.” This demonstrates unequivocally that the name has been registered for a future two-wheeler.

What Is Hero Xtec?

There is yet to be a definitive indication of what the forthcoming Hero XTEC will be, leaving us only with the option of making numerous educated guesses. For its high-end motorcycles, including the XPulse 200 and the Xtreme line, the business has adopted the letter “X.” According to online rumors, the XTEC will be an ADV that will rank behind the company’s current XPulse 200 in its line-up.

But since the XPulse 200 is already a reasonably priced and well-liked product, we don’t see this as a possibility. As a result, the firm may not be eager to release other XPulse models, especially so soon. Another possibility is the introduction of Hero MotoCorp’s first all-electric two-wheeler. Images of an all-electric Maestro Edge scooter circulated online a few weeks ago, but we don’t believe Hero MotoCorp will use that moniker for the product above.

The company may be using the brand XTEC for a future electric motorcycle, and we are confident that something similar is in the company’s R&D facilities.

The final option. A prototype of the large-capacity 300cc ADV was displayed at the Hero World 2020 event at Hero MotoCorp’s Centre of Innovation and Technology, Jaipur, which the business had previously verified. While we wait for further information to be revealed, we are placing our bets on this one.

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