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Best Motorcycles For Drag Racing

You may have wondered whether one bike is superior, whether you’re a serious racer or an armchair dragster. This is especially relevant given the style of series one racing that is taking place.

You might be shocked to learn that there isn’t just one motorcycle suitable for every situation. Which of these are the most suitable drag racing motorcycles for you depends instead on a few popular models and manufacturers adored and trusted by drag racers everywhere. Next, we will look at the top ten motorcycles for drag racing.

10 Best Motorcycles For Drag Racing

1. Suzuki Hayabusa

drag bikes

A Suzuki Hayabusa is a monstrous motorcycle out of the box, with an almost 1,300 cc four-cylinder engine. That would be sufficient for an average person but not professional drag racers!

A 2008 Real Street Suzuki Hayabusa is shown in the image above. It’s not your typical Hayabusa, though. Unbelievably, this one has a turbocharger. You read that right: a 1,300 cc liter bike with a turbocharger.

2. Kawasaki Zx-14 With Nitrous Boost (Owned By Brandon Teasley)

best beginner drag bike

In 2019, Maryland International Raceway hosted an event. We got to see some of the fastest drag bikes in the world there, like Brandon Teasley’s Kawasaki ZX-14.

Like the Hayabusa, the ZX-14 is a gigantic liter bike designed specifically for situations like these. You can get tremendous horsepower by combining that with a nitrous oxide boost. Unsurprisingly, Teasley ran the 1/4 mile in under 8 seconds.

3. “Grudge” Hayabusa From Brock All Motor

best bike for drag racing in india

Brock, a parts manufacturer and motorbike tuner is highly regarded in the world of drag racing. Brock has a long history of producing heavily customized sports bikes, much like Akrapovi, Dynojet, Edge, and other brands. Their All Motor ‘Grudge’ Hayabusa is (without a doubt) our favorite out of all of them.

4. Thomsen, Hans-Henrik Autonomous Race Bike

top fuel motorcycle

Besides cars, there are other applications for an all-electric system of fast torque delivery. Motorbikes, specifically drag bikes, have used hybrid and e-bike design elements. But today, we’re concentrating on just one. None other than the electric drag bike of Hans-Hendrik Thomsen.

As we described before, an all-electric engine provides a few benefits over a conventional combustion engine. Although immediate torque delivery is more noticeable, there is also an environmental impact. As a result, Thomsen’s e-bike’s off-the-line acceleration is absurd! If only fully electric vehicles could reach the same top speed as conventional ones.

5. Pro Street Turbo Suzuki GSXR 1000 Driven By Jeremy Teasley

best motorcycle for street racing

As Brandon Teasley rides his turbocharged Kawasaki ZX-14, his brother, Jeremy Teasley, rides a Suzuki GSXR 1000 in the Pro Street class, which is also turbocharged.

The forced-induction system elevates Jeremy’s motorcycle above Brandon’s ZX-14 even though it has approximately 400 square centimeters of displacement. The difference in kerb weight and rider reaction times are other factors.

Considering that a record might change in a matter of milliseconds.

6. Top Fuel Harley Dragster Of TII Tharpe

best beginner drag bike

Winning a world championship title is no small accomplishment, no matter what sport you play. If it involves motorsports, you must possess a good car in addition to being an excellent rider or driver.

7. Ihra 400 Drag Bike Owned By Chris Matheson

fastest drag bike in the world

Enough of the American rivals; let’s focus on Australia, the “country down under.” Namely, the 2016 IHRA 400 East Coast Nationals winner, Chris Matheson. The bikes lose all resemblance to what they once were once you reach this level of performance. Instead, a drag monster that is unique and will truly break necks.

8. Top Fuel Motorbike By Korry Hogan

fastest drag motorcycle 1/4 mile

The next Drag racing motorcycle is a Top Fuel “Billet Busa” motorcycle owned by Korry Hogan, which still somewhat resembles its original design. Even though it hasn’t been completely redesigned, it’s still incredibly quick.

Although Hogan was involved in a terrible accident in 2011, he continued to break records. He had previously set a quarter-mile record of 5.789 seconds. It shows that you shouldn’t give up, no matter how challenging things may seem.

9. The UEM Top Fuel Motorcycle Of Peter Svensson

Fuel Motorbike

Let’s look at the former world record holder, Swedish cyclist Peter Svensson, before reaching our top spot. At the Tierp Arena in August 2012, Svensson would triumph.

Svensson completed two runs, with the fastest time (at the time) being 5.709 seconds. Moreover, he had a top speed of 236.54 MPH almost three years earlier, which placed him fifteenth overall.

10. Spiderman’s Top Fuel Dragster By Larry Mcbride

best motorcycle for street racing

The world’s fastest drag racing motorcycle, Larry “Spiderman” McBride’s Top Fuel bike, will adorn our final spot. He set a record in 2017, and although it hasn’t been broken yet, attempts have been made.

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