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Mono-Shock Suspension In Bikes

What Is The Operation Of Monoshock Suspension?

Yamaha first created a mono-shock suspension to enhance its bikes’ performance in motocross races. Monoshock suspension is also called “flying suspension” by some manufacturers. It offers a significant amount of stability during bike leaps and landings.

This motorcycle suspension system uses a giant single shock absorber or mono. It also features an externally attached, more robust spring. Typically, the monoshock is mounted close to the bike’s chassis center.

Moreover, one end of it is fastened to the chassis. But the other end is attached to the bike’s rear swing arm, which is attached to the back wheel. The mono shock absorber either collapses or expands when the wheel goes up or down.

As a result, this gives the shock absorber a longer stroke. The back wheel travels farther as a result. In addition, its suspension is situated nearer the middle of the bike. As a result, it enhances bike handling and agility.

The bike manufacturers have created their designs but slightly altered them. They have branded their Mono-shock suspensions to differentiate their products from their competitors.

Manufacturers use the following brand names for their designs.

  • Honda – Pro-Link suspension
  • Kawasaki – suspension of Uni-Track
  • Suzuki – suspension in its entirety
  • Yamaha – suspension for motocross
  • TVS – Suspension of monotube

Motorcycle Producers With Mono-Shock Suspension On Their Vehicles

Many bike manufacturers worldwide favor mono-shock suspension for their sports and performance bikes. The bikes with mono-shock suspension listed below include:

  • Honda CBR 250R.
  • Hyosung GT250R.
  • Kawasaki Ninja.
  • KTM Duke, RC 200.
  • KTM Duke, RC 390.
  • Yamaha FZS.
  • YZF R15.

Nonetheless, the mono-shock absorber platform has been modernized and adapted for today’s new motorcycles. A dampening system with electronic controls is part of it. The Electronic Damping System, or EDS, is used on high-end sports bikes.

Benefits Of Monoshock/Motocross Suspension

One of the main advantages of monoshock or monocross suspension is that it may be placed closer to the machine’s center of gravity than a dual shock absorber, which improves mass concentration.

Additionally, it allows for more wheel travel than the shock absorber unit’s actual stroke and gives the shock absorber unit more positioning flexibility. It also makes motorcycles handle better.

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