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Best Bikes For Back Pain Problems With Good Suspensions

If you find the best bikes for back pain problems here, your search is over. We have gathered ten motorcycles with proper bike suspension systems for excellent rides in this post. These bikes will help you relish your weekly commute or weekend rides and lessen your lower back ache. 

10 Best Bikes For Back Pain Problems (Good Suspension Bikes)

1. Hero Splendor Plus

most comfortable bike for back pain 2023

The finest commuter bike for back pain issues is the Hero Splendour Plus. This motorbike is a great option if you want a bike for daily commuting but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The dual shock suspension on the back of Splendour Plus is not kept firm. As a result, it easily removes small potholes from the road. Additionally, avoid letting the jerks get on your back.

The Hero Splendour Plus is relatively light, weighing only about 112 kg. You can, therefore, handle it in city traffic without placing too much strain on your lower back. The bike also provides a somewhat upright riding position in terms of position. As a result, when riding a bike, you can maintain a straight back.

MAX POWER7.91 bhp @8000 rpm
MAX TORQUE8.05 Nm @6000 rpm
TOP SPEED87 kmph

2. Honda SP 125

best suspension bike in india 2023

Another excellent commuting bike for lower back discomfort is the Honda SP125. This bike has a 125cc engine, which makes daily travels a little more thrilling than they are on the Splendour Plus. Similar to the Hero Splendour Plus, the back of this bike has two shock absorbers. They provide optimal comfort on rough Indian roads since they are kept on the soft side.

Additionally, the bike’s weight is distributed downwards. It is not that heavy—about 116 kg. As a result, navigating it through congested city traffic is quite simple. This bike has a very comfortable seating position, just like the Hero Splendour Plus. Thus, you won’t have any discomfort while riding it for extended periods.

The Honda SP 125 is unquestionably the bike for you if you’re looking for a comfortable everyday commuter.

MAX POWER10.72 bhp @7500 rpm
MAX TORQUE10.9 Nm @6000 rpm
TOP SPEED87 kmph

3. Royal Enfield Classic 350

most comfortable bike for back pain 2023 india

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a stylish and masculine-looking classic bike that is among the finest for back discomfort. It is still among the most excellent 300cc touring bikes and provides a very comfortable riding position. Due to its comfort, many people still like the Classic 350 for lengthy excursions.

It can effortlessly absorb small potholes and has a highly comfortable suspension setup. On rough roads, you won’t experience any back pain. It remains one of the most popular retro bikes under three lakhs in India at the moment because of the comfort it provides.

Its primary disadvantage is that it weighs more, which is a detriment. Riding it through the city’s stop-and-go traffic can be very taxing on your back. Furthermore, if you have a back condition, you won’t be able to pick it up if it falls.

Thus, you should only choose this cruiser bike if you’re suffering from backache.

MAX POWER20.2 bhp @6100 rpm
MAX TORQUE27 Nm @4000 rpm
TOP SPEED114 kmph

4. Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

best suspension bike in 125cc

One of the most excellent cruiser bikes for back pain issues is the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220. You should acquire this bike if you enjoy taking lengthy bike rides but don’t want to develop a back issue. The Bajaj Avenger has excellent seat padding and an incredibly comfortable riding position. As a result, you won’t get back pain after spending a lot of time sitting on the bike.

The bike’s suspension system is likewise not extremely good, so your back doesn’t feel jerky. It is likewise not particularly heavy in terms of weight. Consequently, riding it in traffic or jam-packed conditions won’t put too much stress on your lower back. With a seat height of 737mm, this bike is suitable for even the shortest riders.

MAX POWER18.76 bhp @8500 rpm
MAX TORQUE17.55 Nm @7000 rpm
TOP SPEED120 kmph

5. Royal Enfield Meteor 350

best bike to avoid back pain in india

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is among India’s top cruiser bikes with a displacement under 400cc. It provides a comfortable riding position. In comparison to the Classic 350, the handlebar is much higher, and the footpegs are positioned much further in front. This bike will make you feel as though you are lounging on a sofa.

The Meteor 350’s suspension system is designed with comfort in mind. So even on damaged roads, you will have a pleasant, comfortable ride. You won’t get back pain as a result after riding it for extended periods.

But the bike’s weight is a drawback, much like other Royal Enfield bikes. When you lift it off the stand, you can feel it’s about 191 kg in weight. That being said, this weight kind of vanishes when it moves. However, riding it in stop-and-go traffic can be challenging.

MAX POWER20.2 bhp @6100 rpm
MAX TORQUE27 Nm @4000 rpm
TOP SPEED112 kmph

6.  Hero Xpulse 200 4V

most comfortable bike

The Hero Xpulse 200 4V is an off-road adventure bike disguised as a dirt bike. At this point, you might wonder how riding an adventure bike might alleviate back discomfort. Indeed, adventure models are among the finest motorcycles for back pain issues because they provide a very cozy riding position and have a somewhat softer suspension configuration.

The Hero XPulse 200 4V boasts a solid suspension setup, an upright seating position, and a relatively lightweight one. When all of this is taken into account, riding in the city without experiencing back pain is ideal. Additionally, as your back ache subsides, you can drive it off-road.

The high seat height on this bike is a disadvantage, though. As a result, short riders may find it challenging to ride in city traffic.

MAX POWER18.9 bhp @8500 rpm
MAX TORQUE17.35 Nm @6500 rpm
TOP SPEED115 kmph

7. Honda CB200X

Best bikes for back pain problems

The Honda CB200X is a reasonably priced adventure sports motorcycle. This bike’s unique selling point for those who suffer from back discomfort is its incredibly lightweight and upright seating position. The Honda CB200X is incredibly maneuverable because of its riding position and low weight of 147 kg. With this bike, even making a U-turn in the city is a simple chore.

Purchase this bike if you wish to use it for your everyday commute to work or college. It will relieve your backache and make your commute enjoyable. This bike’s suspension system is adequate, and it smoothly navigates the majority of potholes.

MAX POWER17.03 bhp @8500 rpm
MAX TORQUE15.9 Nm @6000 rpm
TOP SPEED130 kmph

8. Royal Enfield Himalayan 450

best bike to avoid back pain in india

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is a middleweight adventure bike designed to take on rugged terrains. Its 452cc engine produces 39.47 bhp and 40 Nm of torque. This power is enough to go off-road and is easy to ride, even for new riders. The adventure bike offers excellent value with features like dual-channel ABS, a comfortable upright riding position, and a 17-litre fuel tank for long journeys. Royal Enfield provides its Himalayan 450 in four variants and five colors.

MAX POWER39.47 bhp @ 8000 rpm
MAX TORQUE40 Nm @ 5500 rpm
TOP SPEED135 kmph

9. KTM 250 Adventure

best suspension bike

KTM adventure bikes are ideal for commuters who wish to add some performance to their ride. They provide excellent performance as well as a back-friendly seating position. In India, KTM adventure bikes are available with 250cc and 390cc engines. You sit very upright on these bikes since, like other adventure bikes, their handlebars are lifted.

Furthermore, these bikes don’t weigh particularly much. They are neither the lightest nor the heaviest items on our list. Additionally, they are sufficiently comfortable in terms of suspension configuration, such as the CB200X & XPulse 200 4V.

MAX POWER29.63 bhp @9000 rpm
MAX TORQUE24 Nm @7500 rpm
TOP SPEED140 kmph

10.  Suzuki V Storm SX

best bikes for lower back pain

The Suzuki V Storm SX is the final motorcycle on this list. It is an excellent city bike and an adventure bike. This bike has excellent handling characteristics, allows for a comfortable riding position, and is not very heavy. Because of all of these factors, it is among the most popular bikes for back pain problems.

It is suitable for riding on city streets and highways. Its highly supple suspension system prevents jerks from damaging your lower back if you use it on a rough section of the road.

MAX POWER26.1 bhp @9300 rpm
MAX TORQUE22.2 Nm @7300 rpm
TOP SPEED140 kmph

11.  Royal Enfield Himalayan (DISCONTINUED)

good suspension india

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is another well-liked adventure bike among long-distance riders. It is among the best choices for those visiting Leh and Ladakh. Although its 199 kg weight puts it on the heavier side, its other features make it an excellent bike for anyone with lower back problems.

Because of its highly straight seating position, you may always have a straight and comfortable back. Additionally, the bike’s suspension system is maintained on the plus side. The bike’s seat cushioning is also excellent. When you combine these, you’ll have an extremely cozy bike.

MAX POWER24.3 bhp @6500 rpm
MAX TORQUE32 Nm @4500 rpm
TOP SPEED120 kmph

Considerations When Purchasing A Motorcycle For A Backache

Let’s discuss the considerations that should be made while purchasing a motorbike if you suffer from back discomfort.

  • Position While Riding – The riding position of the motorcycle is the first thing you should consider. The bike should allow you to ride in an upright stance. Maintaining an upright riding position will ensure that your back is not overworked and that you are sitting upright.
  • Suspension Configuration—You should also note the motorcycle’s suspension system. It shouldn’t be highly rigid. Establishing a soft suspension system will prevent jerks from transferring to your lower back.
  • Weight – The motorcycle’s weight shouldn’t be excessively high. Riding a bike in city traffic will be challenging if you are heavy. Additionally, each time you plant your foot, it will strain your back more.

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