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Vintage Bikes in India

Modern motorcycles may be cute, but nothing compares to antique bike styling, motors, and utility. Have you ever wished to be the proud owner of one of India’s oldest vintage bikes? True bikers still have a soft spot for some older antique bikes. Check out these oldest vintage bikes in India that have captured the hearts of nearly every bike enthusiast if you want to purchase a vintage motorcycle.

Top 10 Vintage Bikes in India

1. Yamaha RX 100

best retro bikes in india under 2 lakh

One of India’s most well-liked classic motorcycles is the Yamaha RX 100, introduced in 1985. Despite its low weight, it is manageable in any circumstance. With its two-stroke, 98cc engine and four-gear transmission, the Yamaha RX 100 has a top speed of 120kmph.

Soon after its release, the bike became well-liked. It was a favorite of villains and appeared in numerous Bollywood films. Also, the majority of racers bought and modified Yamaha RX 100s. Despite the Yamaha RX 100’s final year of manufacturing being 1996, used versions of this great selection of the oldest antique bikes are still available.

2. Yamaha Rajdoot 350

125cc retro bikes in india

To compete with the Royal Enfield Bullet and Yezdi, the Yamaha Rajdoot, also known as the Yamaha RD 350, was introduced on the Indian market. This is the first two-stroke twin-cylinder bike ever made in India, and it was created especially for Indian roads.

There were two variations of the high-performance antique bike in India: Low Torque (LT) and High Torque (HT). Moreover, it had dual carburetors and a tachometer, making it appropriate for racetracks. The RD 350 was one of the best motorcycles in India since it was loaded with modern amenities that weren’t included in earlier models.

3. Royal Enfield Bullet

retro bikes in india

When we think about the oldest vintage bikes in India, the Royal Enfield Bullet is the first name that springs to mind. It has been the most popular bike in India since the business began manufacturing there in 1952. There are several different Bullet models on the market. The motorcycle sports a right footgear transmission and a 346 cc four-stroke air-cooled engine. Also, it weighs nearly 200 kg, which is more than most motorbikes. The bike incorporates gas shock absorbers and hydraulic dampening suspensions to ride comfortably, even on rough roads. Also, it has a booming sound that the bullet rider finds soothing.

4. Harley-Davidson XR 750

retro bikes in india 2023

The Harley-Davidson XR 750 is one of the most popular vintage bikes in India among racers. In 1970, the bike was primarily introduced for dirt track racing. In 1970, the bike was primarily introduced for dirt track racing. However, the XRTT derivative was suitable for road racing. The 748cc strong engine of the XR 750 weighs 134 kg and can propel the motorcycle to a high speed of 185 km/h. In addition, motorcycle stunt performer Evel Knievel liked the XR 750. Even though it is a race bike, practically every bike rider’s dream is to ride this motorbike.

5. Yezdi Road King

retro bikes in india under 1 lakh

The Yezdi Road King is a stylish, retro bike with a sporting aesthetic by Ideal Jawa. The motorcycle has a twin-exhaust 250 cc two-stroke engine. Yezdi has a semi-automatic clutch and four-speed transmission. Both the front and back suspensions and shock absorbers are hydraulic. Due to its athletic appearance, which needed to be improved even on Royal Enfield bikes, the Yezdi was the preferred choice of most racers. Along with winning numerous road races and rallies in India, the bike.

6. Kawasaki Triple

 vintage bikes list in india

Kawasaki introduced the 250- to 750-cc Kawasaki Triple bikes in 1968. The bikes had three-cylinder, air-cooled engines with piston control. The first triple-engined model to be introduced was the 1968 Mach III H1 500 cc. S3/400, S1 250 and S2 350, and H2 Mach IV are other models. Heavy-duty motorcycles made by Kawasaki weigh 200 kg and have a top speed of 200 km/h. Kawasaki triples have drawn the majority of vintage bike enthusiasts ever since their initial release.

7. BMW R 60/ 2

 vintage bikes

The 1956 launch of the BMW R 60/ 2 made it one of the most well-known and established vintage bikes. The bikes, which were made in Germany, resembled Royal Enfield models. It boasts a 500 cc, two-cylinder, air-cooled boxer engine that runs on four strokes and has a top speed of 90 mph. Even though most people may not be familiar with it anymore, the BMW R 60/ 2 has remained a popular option since its introduction.

8. Ducati Monster 600

best retro bikes


In 1994, Ducati introduced the V2 four-stroke naked motorcycle called the Monster 600. The bike was named “Monster” because it had a beastly appearance and was designed to travel at breakneck speed on winding roads. The 583 cc motorcycle produces roughly 53 horsepower and has a five-speed transmission. The maximum speed of the Ducati Monster was 180 Kmph. Also, it is among the best in the category of the oldest antique bikes and is priced reasonably.

9. Norton Commando

vintage bikes in india

A British business named Norton Villers produced Norton Commando. It was initially introduced with a 744 cc engine, which was later updated to an 850 cc engine in 1973. Norton was a little undersized, had a sophisticated appearance, and weighed about 190 kg. During its early years of manufacture, the bike, capable of reaching a top speed of 185kmph, had many interest people worldwide. Norton Commando was a major success for the company and earned the “Machine of the Year” award five years in a row. It is regarded as one of the best vintage bikes as a result.

10. Triumph Thruxton R

vintage bikes in India

The Triumph Thruxton R is, without a doubt, the right bike for you if you want a racy and vintage style. The most sophisticated cafe racing bike on the Indian market is this one. Although it has an antique appearance, the motorcycle is very modern and equipped with cutting-edge technology. One of the most sought-after cafe racers in the world is the Thruxton R. It is a very capable motorbike with enough power and style to excite retro bike enthusiasts who desire a balance of speed and style.

 These early classic bikes enjoyed a successful run throughout their era. Because they cherish old classics, they are still sought after by bike enthusiasts today. If you’re one of those people, choose your favorite and ride to the fullest!

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