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In India, the most popular motorcycle category is the commuter bike market. Rather than boasting an extensive feature list, the motorcycles in this category are designed to maximize usability. However, the TVS Raider’s specification list boasts several segment-first features and promises to do a little bit of both! This piqued our interest in seeing how the Raider compares to its competitors, which include the Bajaj Pulsar 125, Hero Glamour, and the Honda Shine.

TVS Raider Vs Honda Shine Vs Bajaj Pulsar 125 Vs Hero Glamour: Engine

Let’s start with the fact that all four competitors use 125cc engines for power. However, the Raider 125 uses a 3-valve engine, while the other vehicles have a 2-valve engine. The Raider’s 11.2 horsepower is highly near the Pulsar’s 11.6 horsepower power rating because of the improved airflow achieved by three valves. 

This additional power will be helpful when overtaking or traveling on the highway. With 10.7 and 10.5 horsepower, respectively, the Hero and Honda have power and torque that are nearly identical. With its lowest kerb weight in the segment at 114 kg, the Shine has an advantage in this regard. Despite having the most excellent horsepower, the Pulsar 125 is on the defense in this situation because it is the heaviest at 142 kg, which could negatively impact the motorcycle’s fuel efficiency.

Customers in this market group give careful thought to the motorcycle’s operating expenses. Since these bikes are intended to be used daily, superior fuel economy will undoubtedly influence the decision to buy. For this, the Shine has been the most popular option, even though the Pulsar and Glamour offer a respectable range.

Along with these audacious promises, the newcomer Raider claims to get 67 kmpl in eco mode. It is the highest claimed figure of all, although we haven’t tested it yet.

POWER11.2 bhp@ 7500 rpm10.59 bhp @7500 rpm11.64 bhp @8500 rpm10.7 bhp @7500 rpm
TORQUE11.2 Nm @6000 rpm11 Nm @6000 rpm10.8 Nm @6500 rpm10.6 Nm @6000 rpm
TRANSMISSION5 Speed Manual5 Speed Manual5 Speed Manual5 Speed Manual
ECONOMY56.7 kmpl55 kmpl50 kmpl55 kmpl
KERB WEIGHT123 kg113 kg140 kg122 kg

TVS Raider Vs Honda Shine Vs Bajaj Pulsar 125 Vs Hero Glamour: Chassis

To maintain low production costs and inexpensive replacement parts, this segment’s chassis layout must be kept reasonably simple. That is to say, all of these motorcycles share a straightforward single-tube chassis with thin front forks and twin coil-spring shock absorbers at the back that roll on thin tyres. Since the Raider is the only bike with a monoshock in the back, handling quality has increased. TVS Motors hopes to do this by combining the convenience of a commuter motorcycle with the handling qualities of a sportier motorcycle.

The remaining hardware also follows the same theme. For example, all three have 130mm drum brakes on the base model and optional front disc brakes, except the Pulsar, which has front disc brakes as standard. The wheels are the next thing to discuss. The Glamour and Shine have 18-inch rims, which are useful on rocky roads. Both the Raider and the Pulsar have 17-inch wheels in honor of their athletic features, which aid in their faster turn-around times. It also matters how far apart these wheels are positioned.

The Raider and Pulsar 125 have wheelbases of 1326 and 1320 mm, respectively. These values are noticeably longer than the Glamour and Shine, which have wheelbases of 1273 and 1285 mm, respectively. This is done to preserve the latter two motorcycles’ lower stature, which is more suited to commuting. The swift riders here make use of a lengthy wheelbase to maintain the bike’s stability on straight routes and in turns.

SUSPENSION FRONTTelescopicTelescopicTelescopicTelescopic Front Forks
SUSPENSION REARMonoshock, 5 step adj, Gas chargedHydraulic typeTwin Gas Shock5 step Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
BRAKES FRONT240mm130mm170mm130mm
BRAKES REAR130mm 130 mm130mm130mm
WHEEL SIZE17 inch18 inch17 inch18 inch
WHEELBASE1326 mm1285mm1320mm1273mm

T VS Raider Vs Honda Shine Vs Bajaj Pulsar 125 Vs Hero Glamour: Features

To keep expenditures under control, the feature list must likewise be straightforward. Bajaj and Honda have kept their competitors quite simple. The Pulsar is equipped with the classic semi-digital instrument cluster that displays gasoline, speed, a trip meter, and an odometer. Only speed, odometer reading, and fuel level are displayed on the Honda Shine, which offers a more analog feel. It features combi-brakes for rider aids.

The recently released Raider, in sharp contrast, has the greatest features in a fairly comparable price range. To begin with, the Raider features two riding modes: Power and Eco. When you choose the Eco mode, the engine runs merrily till the redline; if you choose the Power mode, the rev limiter engages at 8000 rpm, reducing power by 10% to save gasoline on city trips. Gear position indication, time, real-time range fuel economy, and much more are displayed on the color LCD instrument cluster. Additionally, it alerts the rider to the need to wear a helmet and shows the highest recorded speed.

The Raider has been equipped by TVS with SmartConnect, an additional function that allows voice assistance and navigation. This version has a 5-inch color TFT display, although the cost has not yet been disclosed. Best-in-class under-seat storage is included, along with a USB charger. Additionally, the Raider boasts an Intelli-Go feature for a convenient riding experience, akin to Hero Glamour’s smart technology.

In contrast, the Glamour features a side-stand engine cut-off feature, an LCD instrument cluster that is negatively illuminated, and the I3s. Go for the Glamour Xtec, which is slightly more expensive at Rs 80,500 ex-showroom, if you want additional options like navigation assistance, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB charger, and Hero’s AutoSail, which helps your bike crawl in slow-moving traffic without requiring you to shift gears often.

Tvs Raider Vs Honda Shine Vs Bajaj Pulsar 125 Vs Hero Glamour: Price

The costs of each competitor and their variations are listed below.

PRICES OF ALL VARIANTSSingle seat disc- Rs. 1,11,393/-
Disc – Rs. 1,12,492/-
Super squad edition – Rs. 1,15,858/-
Smart Xonnect – Rs. 1,19,691/-
Drum – Rs.92,711/-Disc – Rs. 97,077/-Disc – Rs. 97,670/-
Disc Split seat – Rs. 1,07,649/-
Drum – 98,740/-
Drum split seat – Rs. 99,226/-
Drum Alloy – Rs. 97,038/-Disc Alloy – Rs. 1,01,010/-

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