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Ola has optimized the S1X for a 151-kilometer range. 

  • Ola’s most economical lineup in India is the S1X.
  • The ex-showroom cost of this scooter is Rs 1.09 lakh.
  • It does include certain cost-cutting features, such as double shocks and drum brakes on both ends.

Currently, the Ather 450 Apex is the company’s fastest and most performance-focused electric scooter available in India. It is appropriate to compare it to the Ola S1X Gen 2, the brand’s newest, second-generation electric scooter created to rival the Ather Bikes, now that it has made its way to India. The scooter that won this comparison is broken down as follows:

Ather 450 Apex Vs Ola S1 X Gen 2: Design and Features

Among the S1 lineup, the Ola S1X Gen 2 stands out for its elegant style, which includes a thin headlamp cowl. The side panels and apron have very similar designs to the conventional S1. Blacked-out steel wheels and a telescopic fork are two more visible differentiators.

About features, the Ola S1X Gen 2 has a wide selection of options, including different riding modes, a reverse mode, an LCD instrument cluster, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity with navigation, and even a side stand alert.

Remembering particular characteristics could change according to the selected variant is essential. Please refer to the Variants section for detailed information on the feature distinctions. This concisely explains the features available in the Ola S1X Gen 2 series.

The TFT display UI has been funfully redesigned in Warp+ mode to give it a “warp speed” appearance. The Magic Twist function, which Ather included in the company’s upcoming lineup, was the primary draw of the Ather 450 Apex.

This is a regeneration feature where you may turn the accelerator back, causing the scooter to stop gradually. In the UK, some electric two-wheelers already provide some degree of regeneration, but they have yet to be able to do it with such strength and efficiency.

According to Ather, providing a consistent regen experience is infamously challenging because it varies greatly depending on several variables, such as vehicle speed and battery state of charge. Budget e-scooters are not equipped with e-brakes, which cars use to compensate for traditional regen irregularities and provide a “one-pedal driving” experience.

Ather 450 Apex Vs Ola S1 X Gen 2: Motor

At a high speed of 120 kmph, the hub motor of the Ola S1X Gen 2 electric scooter can produce 2.7 kW of continuous power and 6 kW of peak power. The scooter offers three different riding modes, Eco, Normal, and Sports, to accommodate a range of riding tastes. The S1X Gen 2 accelerates quickly—it takes just 5.5 seconds to go from 0 to 60 kmph.

A 4kWh lithium-ion battery pack is used in conjunction with the motor. On the other hand, utilizing a home charger to charge from 0% to 100% usually takes 7.4 hours. This effective electric scooter is a flexible alternative for riders, providing a range of performance options to suit different riding styles and tastes.

MAX POWER7000 W5000 W
TOP SPEED100 kmph120 kmph
BATTERY3.7 kWh4 kWh
RANGE157 km195 km

At that time, power had increased by roughly 10% to 7kW, and the 450 Apex can now reach a top speed of 100 kph. Additionally, the scooter has higher acceleration and a new Warp+ mode that replaces the standard 450X’s Warp mode. Although the Ather was previously very fast off the line. The manufacturer claims it now only takes 2.9 seconds instead of 3.3 seconds to run from 0 to 40 Kmph.

We had the opportunity to use the scooter on a go-kart circuit and for a short while on a public road. With its powerful acceleration and lightning-fast reaction, Warp+ mode is a lot of fun but retains a gorgeously smooth and accurate accelerator feel. An additional benefit of Warp+ is faster 40–80 kph performance.

Ather’s product continues to feel the most well-engineered and tuned-in of all the two-wheeler EVs available, based on my track experience. However, after riding it nonstop for more than a few minutes, you will notice a slight performance deterioration due to the increased performance. It is more evident than the current 450 but less abrupt or extravagant than other competitors.

Ather 450 Apex Vs Ola S1 X Gen 2: Suspension, Tyres, And Brakes

With a fantastic range of 151 km, the Ola S1X Gen 2 has received ARAI certification. Reaching a full 100% charge with a household charger takes about 7.4 hours of charging time. One notable feature of the S1X Gen 2 variant is its 500W portable charger. These features, which address various user needs, ensure an adaptable and effective charging experience for Ola’s electric scooters.

FRONT SUSPENSIONTwin telescopic Twin telescopic
REAR SUSPENSIONDual shockMonoshock
FRONT TYRE90/90 – 12110/70-12
REAR TYRE100/80 – 12110/70-12

It required significant software engineering and a few hardware modifications inside the motor, but the effort was worthwhile. It lessens the difficulty of riding in cities, although it does take some getting used to. With the 15 degrees of rotation available to the rearward accelerator action, you may fine-tune your control over the regen, and soon enough, you won’t need to apply the brakes in most typical slow-down situations.

You’ll become so accustomed to it that it’s probably a good idea to have your left hand hovering over the brake lever; this feature will slow down your reaction time when you need to grab the brakes in an emergency. It performs incredibly well at below 50 mph. According to Ather, this technology can handle up to 75% of braking situations.

Ather 450 Apex Vs Ola S1 X Gen 2: Dimensions

With a rather impressive 108 kg weight, the S1X Gen 2 is significantly lighter than its considerably larger sibling model, the Ola S1 Pro, by 13 kg. You can immediately tell when there is a weight difference when you begin riding.

WHEELBASE1296 mm1359 mm
SEAT HEIGHT780 mm805 mm
KERB WEIGHT112 kg116 kg

The scooter has improved maneuverability, reacting to direction changes faster, and turning curves are relatively more straightforward. This significant improvement is mainly attributable to the S1 X Gen 2’s smaller battery pack. Successfully does away with the S1 Pro’s perceived heft. Users enjoy a lighter and more agile ride as a result, improving the quality of the ride as a whole.

Ather 450 Apex Vs Ola S1 X Gen 2: Price Comparison

Rs. 1,96,657/-Rs.1,62,470/-


The Ola S1X Gen 2 has a competitive pricing point. However, it needs to be improved in areas where Ola Bikes are well-known. The paint job looks to have been done quickly, and the scooter’s finishing could have been more tasteful. Even while it has a nice appearance on the outside. A closer examination exposes noticeable inconsistencies in the side panel gaps, which might need to be more attractive. It’s feared that these panels might begin to vibrate and shake within a few months of purchase.

While value is undoubtedly not a discussion point regarding the Ather. The Apex will likely appeal to individuals who desire exclusivity and those who want to acquire the highest level the current Ather 450 will ever achieve.

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