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Prepare Your Bike For Road Trip This Summer

Motorbike riders take long road trips to escape their jobs and regular lives. It certainly sounds intriguing. However, you must keep a few things in mind to keep it quiet and avoid unnecessary trouble. If you take proper care of your motorbike, it will reward you.

Here are some key steps to remember before embarking on your ideal long road trip on a motorbike.

Step 1- Refill The Engine’s Oil

Even though it seems insignificant, checking motorcycle engine oil before a trip is crucial. It’s critical to check the oil and replace or top it up as needed because filthy or old engine oil won’t operate properly. The engine will operate smoothly if the right engine oil is used in the right amount.

Step 2- Check The Wheels And Tyres

Whether for automobiles or motorbikes, wheels and tyres are often overlooked. However, remember that they are an important component of any vehicle. Make sure the tyres and wheels are in excellent shape. Ensure the wheels are properly aligned, and all tyres have air pressure. Before beginning the journey, make sure the tyres are puncture-free.

Step 3- Examine The Brakes

Make sure your bike’s brakes are working well. It is advised to have your brakes tested by a professional because you never know when they’ll stop working when you need them most. Additionally, check the brake fluid and refill it if necessary. If the brake pads are too thin and worn out, replace them.

Step 4- Fill The Tank All The Way Up

Before starting your journey, make sure your fuel tank is filled. This will ensure your mental stability while traveling. When filling the fuel tank, you should also thoroughly inspect the fuel filter and the fuel line to look for any signs of damage.

Step 5- Reinstall New Air Filters

Air filters are often overlooked, although they are essential for your bike. It prevents soiled air from entering the motorcycle’s engine to avoid harm. Examine the air filter’s condition and replace it as necessary.

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