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automatic bikes in india 2023

Technology and motorcycle industry innovation both continue to advance. The days of just being able to change gears manually are long gone, and the world of automatic bikes now offers riders a whole new level of ease and thrill.

The best automatic gearbox motorcycles are listed in this article. These motorcycles guarantee to satisfy everyone’s preferences, regardless of whether they are experienced riders seeking a brand-new adventure or beginner looking for a simple-to-ride solution.

Best Automatic Bikes In India

1. Honda Gold Wing

gearless bikes in india

Once you reach the point in your riding career where you are riding a GoldWing, you have earned the right to take it easy while you ride, and that is exactly what the Gold Wing is designed for. Regardless of the gearbox selected, the Honda Gold Wing is a serious motorbike and a huge, heavy beast. The DCT makes the ride a little bit smoother and easier.

Turn on cruise control, put the car in seventh gear, and spend those long highway miles taking it all in and enjoying the view. The DCT models offer a walking mode that, when engaged, enables you to move the bike forward or backward at a walking pace. Because of this, slow-speed maneuvers are simple, even with the bikes’ hefty weight. Hill start, a reverse gear, throttle by wire, variable torque control levels, and a full multi-media center are all included in the electronic equipment.

MAX POWER124.7 bhp @ 5500 rpm
MAX TORQUE170 Nm @4500 rpm
TOP SPEED 230 kmph
TRANSMISSION7 Speed Automatic
PRICE (IN RS.)39,88,995/-

2. Honda Africa Twin

automatic bikes in india under 1 lakh

The Honda Africa Twin, also referred to as the CRF1000L, is a motorbike with an automatic gearbox that is incredibly well-liked among explorers. You’ll feel entirely at ease behind the wheel when driving it off-road.

The Africa Twin is a pleasantly small motorbike because of its parallel-twin engine configuration, which makes it perfect for handling tough terrain thanks to its low center of gravity and narrow profile. The engine makes a lovely sound with a firing sequence of 270 degrees. This motorcycle not only looks good, but it also performs brilliantly in a variety of settings.

MAX POWER97.89 bhp @ 7500 rpm
MAX TORQUE103 Nm @6000 rpm
TOP SPEED 200 kmph
PRICE (IN RS.)17,89,137/-

3. Yamaha MT 09

cheapest automatic bikes in india

The bike has futuristic-looking headlights that are a twin LED pod. Sharp winglets along the radiator fins add to the futuristic appearance, and the design undoubtedly attracts attention wherever it is seen.

 This bike is the pinnacle of highly sophisticated, hyper-naked, ultra-chiseled bikes. The short tail gives a compact yet strong appearance. The Yamaha MT-09 is a truly unique motorbike, including refined body panels, fully adjustable front suspension forks, and an automated gearbox with quick shifts and a slipper clutch for precisely downshifting from high rpms.

Additionally, the motorcycle has an innovative traction control system that keeps it stable at high speeds and throughout turns. The three-cylinder engine has no fairing and is completely exposed.

The 890cc, inline three-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine should be part of the mechanical specs for the motorcycle headed for India, which should be similar to the international model. This motor, which is connected to a six-speed gearbox, produces a maximum of 117.3 horsepower at 10,000 rpm and a maximum of 93 Nm at 7,000 rpm. From the worldwide model, Yamaha claims a fuel efficiency of 5-liter/100 km or 20 kmpl.

MAX POWER117.3 bhp
PRICE (IN RS.)11,50,000/-

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