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car vs bike which is better in india

The benefits of having a motorbike over a car are numerous, and there are numerous benefits to choosing motorcycles over automobiles. This article will discuss the 10 benefits of riding motorcycles over cars.

Why Riding Motorcycles Is Better Than Driving Cars?

1. You Are A Part Of Reality

A rider experiences extreme heat in the summer, cold in the winter, and extreme wetness in the rain. A rider only smells what the natural world has to offer. When riding a bike, you are constantly a part of the natural world and one with it. You can only smell your car and feel the air conditioner in that cage known as an automobile.

The legendary author Robert M. Pirsig wrote in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, “In a car, you’re always enclosed, and since you’re used to it, you don’t realize that everything you see out the window is just more television. As a bystander, you can only observe as everything swiftly and monotonously passes you by in a frame.

A bike removes the frame. You’re in contact with everything. The sense of presence is overwhelming since you no longer merely witness the action.

2. It Can Be Modified To Reflect Your Personality

Choosing your ideal bike is just the start. The enjoyable part is making it your own. Your personality should be reflected in the bike you ride because it is an expression of who you are. Bikes are rarely constructed using the original parts that were purchased. The options for motorcyclists to alter their bikes are virtually endless. You can adjust the exhaust to get the sound you want. The riding posture can be altered by switching the handlebars and seats.

You can modify your bike in addition to changing its components. You can install saddlebags if you’d rather haul luggage. To improve the comfort of your pillion, you can add a sissy bar. Also, you may further personalize your ride by matching your gear to it. Your bike, helmet, riding bag, riding shoes, and riding jacket all go together.

The alternatives are sparse and quite limited by a car. There isn’t much one can do to a car because of its shape. Regardless of cost, your car will look exactly like your neighbors’ cars. It is simply unheard of to match your clothing to your vehicle.

3.      Bikers Are More Secure

According to a popular biker proverb, “DRESS FOR THE CRASH, LIVE FOR THE RIDE.”

Drivers of cars are less aware of the road than motorcyclists. They probably have more of a chance of injuring themselves in the event of an accident. Also, riding greatly improves your body’s coordination. If you’re still unconvinced, consider the last time you witnessed a rider texting their phone.

4.      Girls Adore Bikers

There are several factors to consider while choosing the best two wheelers for women. Style, comfort, seat height, and features are all important aspects. Though a bike only sometimes looks good but always provides a comfortable and safe ride.

5.      Traffic Problems Are Less Of An Issue For Riders

Our friends’ 4-wheel cages are the reason for traffic jams. Coincidentally, they are the ones who experience congestion. Due to their maneuverability and agility, bikes are frequently slowed down but not stopped in traffic. So before you zoom past him the next time you are stuck in traffic, wave at the other drivers in the cars.

6.      This Is A Form Of Counselling

Even while it occasionally requires a full tank of gas and open roads, this method always works. Riding your bike is the perfect remedy if you have had a rough day at work or just ended your relationship with your girlfriend. Therefore, cancel your therapy appointment today and buy motorcycle parts.

7.      Simply Put, It’s More Enjoyable

Every morning as we drive to work, we pass many grumpy people. The individuals in the cars are still cranky when we drive back in the evening. Therefore, we conclude that it is not job or stress making them miserable, but rather having to do the monotonous daily commute. When was the last time you saw a stern face riding a bike? Now contrast those two. Simply put, riding is fun! Something is fascinating about a motorcycle that always makes one grin.

8.      No Issues With Parking

Parking is a perk for bikers but a luxury for car owners. There is no need for motorcyclists to struggle with parking. They simply enter the busy streets by vehicle and park whenever it suits them. A biker will always be able to find a spot, even where parking is expensive, but parking vehicles is a different story. Therefore, parking a bike is considerably less expensive than parking a car.

9.      Riders Stick Together

Bikers and brotherhood work hand in hand. You have close biker buddies even if you want to ride alone. Bikers have an unspoken bond with one another. They only experience a fellow biker’s happiness and suffering. You feel like you are part of a family of like-minded people when you ride your motorcycle.

10.  Riding Is Cool—Capital C Cool

People would rather take a Royal Enfield bike than a Mercedes on a first date if given the option. Simply put, it’s cool. You can never match the coolness of being on a bike, no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

James Dean in Rider Without a Cause, Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, and Hugh Jackman in X-Men are excellent movie characters who ride motorbikes. Although there are some enlightening automotive movies, We can’t think of any characters with the same impact as the biker guys.

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