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Bobber VS. Chopper Motorcycle

Maximum torque, power output, and excellent performance these characteristics would be sought after in a motorcycle by any enthusiast. However, most, if not all, of modern street animals now give up weight for speed.

Here is where bobber-style bikes come into play, removing any “unnecessary” bells and whistles to allow for higher speeds. What distinguishes a motorcycle from a bobber is the question. What sets it apart from traditional bikes, and can it be modified at home?

As always, get the solution you need by browsing through our instructions.

How Do Bobber Motorcycles Work? What Makes A Motorcycle A Bobber? How Does It Differ From A Chopper?

Bobbers are a particular kind of modified motorcycle (pre-1990s, they were known as ‘bob-jobs’). The fundamental idea is to start with a conventional bike and remove any extra bodywork, front fenders, rear fenders, and other features.

Removed chrome accents include headlights, mirrors, seats, and handlebars that have been altered to shed some pounds. What’s left is a minimally-weighted bobbed bike that is lighter, quicker, and even more customized. Expect to move at 60 to 80 mph.

Are Bobbers Permitted?

Yes, even with these changes. However, some states will require you to leave some components, such as the turn signals and brake lights, on.

Do They Ride Comfortably? Pros And Cons

Yes, for brief rides. At first, the upright sitting position and low handlebars will create a pleasant riding posture. However, you will quickly become exhausted in that position, and riding on winding roads will tire you because of the additional air resistance.


  • Lighter in weight.
  • Faster and with a higher weight-to-power ratio.
  • For novices, it is manageable.
  • The ability to add unique touches.


  • Models are scarce and unpopular.
  • Zero pillion.
  • Unsuitable for lengthy, windy rides.
  • Due to the low seat height, it is not suitable for tall riders.
  • More costly.

Are Bobbers And Choppers The Same Thing?

No. About 31 years after bob-jobs developed, the word “chopper” first surfaced. Therefore, the differences between street bob jobs and choppers are evident, but how much so?

Simply put, choppers are more extreme iterations of bob jobs visually and mechanically, drawing their inspiration from the extensively chromed bobbers of the 1950s. Although they are both improvements on regular bikes, you should note several significant variations between them:

1. Frames

  • Original bobbers are constructed using fixed, stock, unaltered frames.
  • Frames that are welded and cut into specific forms and sizes are used in choppers.

2. Adjustments

  • As previously mentioned, factory bobbers go through “bob jobs.” Their unnecessary elements are removed to help with general simplicity and weight reduction. It’s simple to make these using basic motorcycle options.
  • However, several chopper features DECREASE the vehicle’s safety, handling, and braking capabilities (rather than increasing them). Choppers are more concerned with fashion than with shows.

3. Inspiration

  • The bike’s original form is the primary motivator for a classic bob job. For instance, the front fender can be changed for a Harley FL, and the bike can run on rear wheels, but in most cases, bobbers are essentially regular bikes with some of the basic components removed or altered.
  • In contrast, riders add and put on more accessories to the point where the original design of the choppers is completely altered.

4. Stock Saddles, Springer Forks, And Wheels

  • Traditional bobbers favor wheels similar in size to the rims instead of front wheels with enormous diameters like choppers.
  • Due to their long sissy pipes, spring saddles are a popular option for Scout Bobber riders but are not required for choppers.
  • Both custom bikes have covered forks, but choppers have them mounted in the triple trees at steeper rakes to make it easier to move the wheels forward.
  • Bobbers favor flat paint with a few rusted components (which are intended to give the bike a more old look), whereas choppers prefer chrome elements and glossy paintwork.


Despite sounding strange at first, the meaning of bobber motorcycles is rather simple. Remove anything extraneous or overweight from your ordinary bike, and you’ll have a small, straightforward, fashionable bobber to ride on the weekends. No complicated compartments or features are involved. On the other side, boobers evolved into choppers. It emphasizes appearance more than functionality.

There is no need to purchase these bikes from motorcycle shops because they are personalized automobiles. One can easily be constructed at home with the help of the offered instructions. Make sure you follow our instructions properly and have the necessary materials available.

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