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Split Seat Vs Single Seat

Apart from other elements like riding position, height, and placement, the seat is mostly responsible for a rider’s comfort. Split seats and single seats each have advantages and disadvantages of their own.

A rider should always feel at ease while operating a motorcycle. The position and posture of the rider, the suspension’s configuration, the location of the foot pegs, and the seat, among other factors, all contribute to the rider’s comfort. In the past, motorcycles were sent with a single seat already installed, leaving no room for customization. But now, things are different.

Split seats are a common feature of new bikes, which has both benefits and drawbacks. Let’s examine the argument between split and single seats in more detail.

Split Seats | Pros


The bike’s exterior design is the main benefit of having a split seat configuration. When viewed from a distance, the motorcycle appears more robust and sporty. An exception is made if the bike in question is an ADV and a daily commuter bike. Although some disagree, most concur that split seats enhance the bike’s overall aesthetic.


Comparatively speaking, split seats are more comfortable than single seats. This is mainly due to the partition, which enables the rider and pillion to utilize the spaces allotted to them fully. The section stops the rider from reentering the space of the pillion and vice versa.

Sensible And Workable

The pillion passenger can see the road ahead more clearly thanks to the split seats. Additionally, there is that “feel-good” element at play. Only someone who is currently or has ever been a pillion can appreciate the validity of this claim.

Split Seats | Cons


The simplicity of use is the only drawback of a split seat configuration. If a motorcycle has split seats, the rider must remove only one but two seats to access the trunk space beneath the seats. This is not a problem either if you can remove the chairs quickly.

Single Seats | Pros

More Room

The single-seat arrangement has more room, mostly because there is no divide. Riders can easily and freely modify themselves. Both everyday commuters and adventure and tourer bikes use this type of seating configuration.

Easily Accessible

Unlike split seats, you can readily remove a single seat to access the boot area underneath the seats. Without any difficulty, entry to the storage area is possible.


Compared to split seats, this layout’s replacement cost is a little lower in the event of damage. You may inexpensively repair these seats in the event of minor damage.

Single Seats | Cons

Uncomfort With The Brakes

There is no separation; thus, the pillion may run into the rider when the brakes are applied. This might become somewhat of a problem on extended drives.

The majority of these factors are subjective. Choosing the seat arrangement that best suits your needs is mostly up to you. If you’re looking to buy a new bike, consider your needs and criteria and choose one that meets them all.

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