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Motorcycle Service Tips

A motorcycle can bring comfort to your daily life by saving time in your daily commute. Maintaining your vehicle in good condition is essential and mandatory. The better you keep your motorcycle, the less it will need servicing.

Regular bike maintenance helps extend the life of your vehicle, keeps you safe, and reduces the chance of sudden breakdowns. What can you do to keep your bike in good condition? A few simple tips and practices can go a long way in keeping your bike in good condition. Let us discuss some of them below.

Why Is Routine Motorcycle Maintenance Required?

A motorcycle has a lot of moving parts, and friction from moving parts leads to wear and tear. The end effect is motorbike breakdown, insufficient performance mileage, etc. Regular service and inspections by knowledgeable staff from accredited dealerships are the cure for this. However, the consumer is not aware of everything that needs to be examined and checked before and after the service. Due to this ignorance, problems with showroom service staff begin to develop.

Challenges That Never End With Authorised Service Providers

The major goal of this article is to offer advice on how to deal with authorized service outlets, which are increasingly widespread. Every motorbike owner has undoubtedly had a negative experience with a licensed motorcycle service facility.

There are a lot of motorcycles that need servicing, but most showrooms have a dearth of service experts. As a result, the number of motorcycles that require maintenance is relatively high per employee. The consequence is poor quality. In this post, we go through the crucial issues that must be handled during motorcycle maintenance. So let’s examine each of the topics in more detail.

Tips For Maintaining Your Motorbike

  • For The First Two To Three Years, Use Authorised Stations For Service.

Always receive service from authorized stations consistently for two to three years without skipping the expiration dates for any free or paid services. Otherwise, you risk losing the parts warranty. To ensure clarity, discuss the same with the service people.

  • Be Very Cautious When Using Free Services.

Keep in mind that nothing is free in this cutthroat world, so look carefully at what is done as a free service to see which ones require payment altogether and whether you can verify the same yourself at home or after the service.

  • After The First Two To Three Years, Choose Unlicensed Garages.

You can choose unlicensed garages if cost is a factor. However, before bringing your motorbike in for maintenance, obtain some honest reviews of the shop. In any case, the price will be lower than at the authorized service center.

  • Before Giving The Motorbike, Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Free Of Dents And Scratches.

Make a note of it on the job card and make sure the vehicle inspector is aware of it. If you notice any dents or scratches, many service stations will refuse to deliver their mistakes.

  • Always Record Motorbike Problems On Paper.

This is crucial because you don’t want to forget any of the things you should remember, some of which you might. Additionally, there can be a rush in service centers, and staff members there will be pressed for time. Make sure service staff record these on the job card as well.

  • Take The Toolbox Out Of Your Vehicle.

It is best to take it off before transferring ownership of the bike. To prevent theft scenarios and errors, count the quantity of tools before and after service if you can.

  • Take Out All The Pricey Items And Motorbike Paperwork.

The motorcycle showroom will not be held liable for any overlooked items that result in loss or theft. So, kindly take everything out of your car, including seat covers, paperwork, extra light fixtures, helmets, etc.

  • If At All Feasible, Ride Before And After The Service With The Vehicle Inspector.

Suppose your bike is experiencing dynamic issues. While traveling with the vehicle inspection, make an effort to clarify and persuade about the problem.

  • Ensure That New Engine Oil Is Used In Place Of The Old One.

However, this one is necessary because there have been several instances of cheating on the same. You can check the same in the showroom or at your house.

  • Do Not Take Advice On Replacing Parts At Face Value.

Authorized service showrooms are all about money and demand the highest possible bill from each client. Therefore, bear that in mind and determine whether part replacement is required or not. For information on when to replace and fix items, consult the maintenance handbook.

  • Make An Effort To Master Basic Diy (Do It Yourself) Skills.

Never give up on learning basic services. DIY projects that are simple to complete on your own will help you learn the fundamentals of how motorcycles are made and function. Motorcycle chain lubrication, chain maintenance, cable lubrication, nut lubrication, engine oil changes, and other DIY tasks are a few examples.

  • Always Request Deals Or Packages.

The majority of the time, showrooms provide deals or packages. Choose one of these, but carefully examine it for any traps or other problems.

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