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Motorcycle Buying Guide in India

The convenience of a two-wheeler is more convenient than the convenience of a car on a busy day. Two-wheelers are not only very easy to use but also reduce travel time around the city as they are easy to handle and require very little parking space. A two-wheeler can save time commuting to and from work, to the neighborhood store for weekly supplies, or to a friend’s house in a busy part of town.

The motorcycle buying guide in India aims to help you select the best motorcycle for the style of riding you prefer. Compare and determine aspects of different bikes in different areas, including engine capacity and performance, kerb weight, seat height, suspension specs, power, mileage, and costs.

10 Tips To Buy a Motorcycle in India

There are many factors to consider whether you are buying your first motorcycle or an experienced rider looking to improve their riding skills. You’ll need to determine your riding style, set your budget, and choose between a variety of new motorcycles.

When buying a new bike, you can choose between geared and non-geared motorcycles. Geared bikes may take a little longer to master, while gearless bikes are much easier to drive. However, doing some study before buying a new bike can help you make the best choice and save money.

Here are some important points to remember while looking for a new motorcycle.

1. Brand

Motorcycles are a long-term investment that will provide you with many years of service. Choosing a well-known bike brand is essential as it ensures that you will receive a high-quality product. There are various bike brands in India that you can trust, including Hero bikes, Honda bikes, TVS, Mahindra, Kinetic, Suzuki, and others. Also, when it comes to motorcycle resale value, the brand you choose is much more important.

2. Budget

As the price of bikes increases every day, you should keep a budget of around Rs.60,000 around, within which you can easily get a new bike from decent brands like Honda, TVS, and Mahindra. If you can stretch your budget a little more, you can get additional features and color options on your bike and know the best motorcycle in India.

3. Mileage

Mileage is one of the most important factors when buying a new motorcycle. With the rising prices of petrol in India, mileage, or the distance a bike can cover on one liter of fuel, has become even more important. A bike with good mileage will give you an average of 55 to 60 kmpl. Do not compare city mileage with standard highway mileage. If you want to Increase Bike Mileage, click to know more details.

4. Weight

While you’re at the bike showroom, test-drive the motorcycles to see if you can handle them. Bike weight is an important aspect of a comfortable ride. If the weight is too much and you can’t handle a heavy bike, look for lighter bike options on the market.

5. Height

To ride a motorcycle, that height has to be just right for your feet to be able to balance on the ground. If the motorcycle seat height is too high it will be difficult to handle.

6. Auto Start

In addition to the traditional kick-start, most geared and non-geared bikes now include an auto-start or push-start option. The auto-start feature requires just pressing a button to start the engine, which is a useful feature.

7. User Reviews

Checking reviews from other people who have bought a bike will help you determine if it is worth the money and whether it is the right bike for you. These ratings may include information on mileage, ride quality, and many other technical factors.

8. Service Center

Before buying a new bike, it is very important to find out the nearest authorized service center. If this is not done, you may have to travel a long distance to find a bike service center. This can be quite inconvenient and tedious.

9. Maintenance Costs

When buying a motorbike, keep in mind the additional costs associated with maintaining the bike. You should consider the cost of routine maintenance.

10. Availability of Spare Parts

Another important factor to consider is the availability of spare parts. This is because if additional components are not available, there will be a serious delay in the preparation of your motorcycle.

11. Re-sale Value

The brand plays an important role in its resale value when buying the latest bikes in India. The resale value of a motorcycle is mostly determined by its brand, bike condition, and year of purchase.

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