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Types Of Motorcycle Helmets

It is not necessary to describe what a helmet is or whether it is required. Without a helmet, we are all aware of how deadly an accident can be. Motorcycle accidents claimed the lives of approximately 70,000 individuals in the year before 2021, making up 45% of all accident fatalities in India. In most situations, the rider or pillion utilizes an inferior helmet or no helmet at all.

There is a ton of information available on every subject in this digital age, which makes choosing what to buy more difficult. To make the best decision when purchasing a helmet, we need clarity and knowledge of the marketing and sales strategies employed by dealers, showrooms, etc. Therefore, we aim to help you make the best purchase possible. Before doing that, you should be aware of certain bike helmet safety advice.

What A Motorbike Helmet Is Made Of And How It Functions

Each of the high-quality components of the helmet has a specific role and collectively they protect the skull from a variety of worst scenarios. Let’s examine the structure and operation of a helmet.

  • Tough Outer Covering

In place of Kevlar or carbon fiber, polycarbonate or fiberglass is the material of choice for the majority of helmets. The latter, which is more expensive and protects the rider in the worst circumstances, is used in high-end helmets.

  • A Shielding Inner Shell

Every helmet has an inner shell that shields the head from damage when it hits the pavement. Expanded polystyrene, or EPS, makes up this protective inner shell. The most crucial task of EPS is to deflect the force of the collision and cushion the skull, keeping the head safe.

  • A Soft, Removable Lining

The third layer is a soft liner that can be removed, keeping the face and neck safe from EPS’s harsh surface. To prevent allergic reactions, the removable soft lining is typically composed of hypoallergenic materials and may be washed frequently.

  • Padded For Protection

Additionally, cheek and jawbone protection cushioning is present. It is constructed of soft sponge or composite materials that absorb shock and keep you comfortable on extended rides while safeguarding the face and bones.

  • Strapping System

To ensure that it stays on your head even during an accident, a high-quality strap is required. It should be simple to use the release mechanism; otherwise, it will be frustrating.

  • Vents

On extended rides, the rider can stay cool and comfortable thanks to ventilation systems that allow for good airflow both inside and outside the helmet. Long rides are impossible without a good ventilation system, especially in hot weather.

  • Visors

A curved piece of clothing is worn over the eyes as a visor to shield them from the sun, dust, etc. They are interchangeable and made to withstand the typical wear and tear of a daily commute.

Motorcycle Helmets That Are Acceptable And Legal In India

Six types of helmets are legal to wear in India.

  • Full-face protection.
  • Flip helmet or modular helmet.
  • Helmet, half-face.
  • Half Shell Headgear.
  • Off-road headgear.
  • Helmets for both sports.

Half-helmets and half-shell helmets are permitted, despite widespread misconceptions to the contrary in India. Keep in mind that they must be ISI-certified and offer the largest amount of you and your motorcycle safety.

What Are India’s Most Recent Laws On Motorcycle Helmets?

  • The thickness of the helmet should be between 22 and 25 mm, and the foam should be of high quality.
  • The helmet’s weight restriction has been lowered from 1.5kg to 1.2kg.
  • All helmets are required to have an ISI mark and BIS by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Only having DOT and ECE certification is insufficient.
  • Since there is no visual impediment, the helmet’s eye-covering material must be entirely transparent.
  • All helmets should be able to pass the BIS-required tests. These consist of testing for absorption in various weather scenarios.
  • Numerous mishaps occur because there are no cameras that may be mounted on top of the helmet.

Indian Brands Of Motorcycle Helmets

These are some of the top Indian motorcycle helmet manufacturers.

  • Vega
  • Steelbird
  • Studds
  • Royal Enfield
  • SMK
  • LS2.
  • THH
  • MT
  • Sol
  • Axor
  • Aerostar
  • HJC
  • Shoei
  • GliderAVGGV
  • Aaron
  • Bell
  • Arai
  • Shark

India’s Top Motorbike Helmets

The response to this question differs from person to person and is entirely based on his requirements, finances, goals, etc. Currently, there are a lot of possibilities on the market, and this article is only a guide. Therefore, we won’t name the precise models in this paper.

Measurements For Motorcycle Helmet Fit And Size

  • Measure the head with a measuring tape and secure it.
  • Both just above the rear ear and just above the eyebrows on the forehead, the measuring tape must be placed.
  • Next, compare your measurements to those on the size chart.
  • When wearing a helmet, if two to three fingers can go inside the head, the helmet is too loose and needs to be checked for smaller sizes.
  • The helmet will first feel snug while being worn before loosening up slightly.
  • While shaking your head, the helmet shouldn’t move at all.
  • The three head shapes—round oval, middle oval, and long oval—can also be taken into consideration.
  • Long Oval: The head is longer from ear to ear than it is from the forehead to the rear of the skull.
  • The most typical head shape is an intermediate oval. Compared to ear-to-ear, the front-to-back measurement is a little bit longer.
  • Round Oval: The front-back and ear-to-ear dimensions are almost identical.

What Online Stores Sell Helmets?

Always check the official manufacturer’s website or online retail stores like Amazon India or Flipkart for helmet models. But the reason you should never buy online is stated below.

Buy Bike Helmets Online Only

Without a doubt, yes. It would be beneficial if you always felt comfortable donning a helmet. Customers can make decisions about price and color options online, but they won’t make their final choice until they’ve worn the helmet. Therefore, always make distinct, dedicated purchases when you shop offline.

Never Accept A Free Helmet Offered By A Motorbike Dealer.

As per the Government of India’s rule, dealers are now required to provide helmets and motorcycles to customers as part of the purchase process. They will be of poor quality, and we will accept that. Avoid falling into such traps and put your safety first at all times.

Every Five Years, Replace The Helmet With A New One.

A helmet should be changed to a new one around five years after it has reached its expiration date. The chin strap, outer shell, and inside padding are examples of a helmet’s deterioration. Before changing the helmet, make sure the same is true. A helmet should not be used again if it is involved in an accident.

Check Your Helmet Weight, Fit, Visibility, Airflow, And Certification

Customers must think about certification, fit, visibility, airflow, weight, and choices for washing the inner material.

  • Neither a tight nor a free fit is ideal for a helmet.
  • For riding, the most visibility is preferred.
  • There should be adequate ventilation and airflow within.
  • Too much weight should be avoided because it can cause neck problems.
  • Internal components like the lining must be machine washable.
  • Visors ought to be changeable, scratch- and UV-resistant, and durable.
  • ought to be ISI, DOT, and ECE certified. While ISI and BIS are required for helmets in India, ECE has the most extensive testing.


We hope that all relevant aspects of the motorcycle helmet buying guide are addressed and that this article will make your decision-making process much simpler. In conclusion, bear the following in mind.

  • Choose a full-face helmet at all times.
  • Respect authority and adhere to the law.
  • Choose helmets with ISI and BIS certification marks.
  • Never attach cameras to a helmet.
  • Buy bike helmets online only.
  • Never accept a free helmet offered by a motorbike dealer.
  • Choose helmets with a strict quality standard and a balance of features.

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