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Electric Bikes - Advantages and Disadvantages

Contrary to popular belief, electric motorcycles are not a recent invention. The first model appeared in the early 20th century, and others followed but eventually disappeared. But electric motorbikes and retro bikes in India conversion kits have become increasingly popular in recent years. Also, they are receiving a lot of media attention. Like many other riders, you might wonder why there is such a fuss. After all, your gas motorcycle functions perfectly.

We’re here to help you separate the facts from the frenzied marketing fluff and other falsehoods so you can make an informed choice.

Before we get started, you should be aware that because technology is developing so quickly, it is difficult to compile a list of the advantages and disadvantages of electric motorcycles. The only thing we can do is deal with how electric motorcycles are now and perhaps revisit this problem later to emphasize what has changed since. Talking about what might be is dangerous because you are speculating.

Advantages Of Electric Bikes

  • Reliability

The electric bike motors are more dependable, which is a huge advantage. There are just fewer potential problems when there are fewer moving parts. The oil doesn’t need to be changed, either.

  • Simple To Maintain

There is no need to replace an air filter, maintain a clutch, adjust valves, sync throttle bodies, or even change the oil. The only other things you need are brake pads and maybe upgraded tires.

  • Quick Torque

Most affordable electric bikes have a top speed of roughly 90 mph. However, many of them have absurdly high torque, making their acceleration from a stop equally as exciting as, if not more so, most ICE bikes. The Zero DSR we recently tested boasts 116 pound-feet of torque, most immediately available when you crank the throttle, which is no longer a “loud handle.”

  • Running Without Sound

Maybe not so wonderful if you believe that loud pipes save lives, but after you get used to the silence, it’s pleasant to hear nothing but the wind whistling by (you still need earplugs, though). You might even sneak up on local cats on a gravel road or trail in nowhere. Despite what their owners might think, these truly adore being chased.

Current ICE motorcycles are surprisingly quiet at around 80 dB. However, if you’re riding an older model or one with an altered exhaust, your neighbors may offer to help you switch to an electric bike. Some owners of bikes with open pipes could even be able to raise money through crowdfunding for an electric bike.

  • Simple To Use

Electrics are as simple to ride as electric scooters since they don’t require any special riding abilities beyond the ability to ride a vehicle: twist this to move, squeeze this, and press that to stop. Many would-be riders are put off by the necessity of learning how to shift gears. Although rider education will always be crucial, electric motorcycles have cleared the first barrier.

  • Government Grants

With the federal government, several states offer a variety of tax incentives to encourage people to adopt greener lifestyles.

Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes

  • Range Drop In A Cold Climate

The fact that the range of electric bikes can decrease significantly in cold conditions is a significant disadvantage. Of course, many riders do not use their motorcycles in winter, choosing to travel on four wheels when the roads are covered with snow and ice. If that describes you, you don’t need to be concerned about this element. You should know that it will reduce your ride’s range if you commute on two wheels year-round and reside somewhere where winter temperatures plunge close to or below freezing.

  • Duration Of Charge

Charge time is arguably the most common criticism of electric motorcycles. It will take far longer to recharge the electric bike batteries than to fill a tank with gas, even if you can find a charger. Gas-powered bikes are still viable and enticing today due to the sheer availability of petrol stations. This becomes a big problem when traveling on the open road.

  • Weight

You cannot avoid the batteries’ weight, which significantly affects how a motorcycle handles and feels.

  • Expensive Batteries

The batteries are pricey and won’t last forever. However, solid-state batteries, which everyone keeps raving about, may exist by then. You’ll be able to take out a second mortgage to buy them.

  • There Won’t Be Any More Garage Repairs

Electric motorcycles will give you less opportunity to play with your tools. The fact that electrics require no care is a selling feature, not a turnoff, for most interested individuals.


You now know that electric motorcycles aren’t the Boogie Man but aren’t flawless. After considering all the available information, deciding the types of motorcycle that suit your needs and tastes is wise. It would help to always research before purchasing because designs and technology constantly evolve. In the end, this will help you decide the best choice possible.

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