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A few years ago, vehicle owners could have ostentatious numbers on their vehicles and personalized number plates that matched their preferred typeface, color, and language. The RTO officers needed help distinguishing between these many number plates, and it was also difficult to follow any unusual activities. The Central Motor Vehicle Act 1988 was changed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) to improve transparency and uniqueness in the number plate system. The HSRP was adopted in 2005. Following the modification, as of April 1, 2019, new and existing vehicles must have an HSRP number plate and a color-coded sticker.

The dealer will provide high-security number plates (HSRPs) for vehicles sold after April 2019. These HSRP number plates are primarily intended to detect illicit activities involving automobiles. The government will impose severe penalties if you are discovered operating a vehicle without a high-security number plate.

You may learn everything there is to know about the meaning, importance, costs, and current state of HSRP by reading this article.

A High-Security Number Plate (HSRP): What Is It?

The acronym for high-security registration plate is HSRP. The HSRP number plates are composed of aluminum sheets bonded with a reflective sheet and equipped with a laser identification device. At least two inoperative snap-on locks are used to secure the high-security number plate to the vehicle. Reusing the HSRP number plate is prohibited, requiring breaking the lock to remove it. Installing a number plate requires issuing a new one after removing the old one.

Essential Components Of A HSRP Number Plate

The font size and dimensions of every HSRP number plate issued by the various RTO offices are the same. Furthermore, reusing these high-security license plates is impossible because they are electrically connected to vehicles. The essential components of HSRP license plates are:

  • A blue, hot-stamped Ashoka Chakra hologram made of chromium to prevent forgeries. This hologram, situated in the upper left corner of the plate, is 20 mm long and 20 mm wide.
  • The lower left corner of the HSRP plate has a unique 10-digit Permanent Identification Number (PIN) inscribed on it using laser technology.
  • The State code appears in the first two alphabets of the registration number, the district code (DTO) or dedicated RTO seems in the next two digits, and there is a unique alpha-numeric identification number (unique registration number of the vehicle) coated with a sheet with the word INDIA printed at a 45-degree angle.
  • The International Registration Identification Code, or “IND,” is branded beneath the Ashok Chakra hologram for national identity and standardization.

Color-Coded Stickers: What Are They?

The vehicle’s windscreen must also have a color-coded sticker and the HSRP number plate. The vehicle’s fuel type and Bharat stage are shown on these color-coded stickers. A color-coded sticker can be purchased for Rs. 100 nominally, either in conjunction with the HSRP or alone at any time. The following details are on the third color-coded registration plate sticker.

  • Enrollment number.
  • authorization for registration.
  • the initial registration date.
  • Permanent identity number marked with a laser.

The vehicles’ color-coded stickers are described as:

LIGHT BLUEBS III & IVPetrol & CNG Vehicles
ORANGEBS III & IVDiesel Vehicles
GREYBS III & IVOther vehicles

Why Is Having An HSRP Required?

The Indian government found identifying and tracking automobiles challenging if the number plate was altered or replaced due to increased vehicle-related crimes and thefts. In addition, the previous registration number plates were composed of easily manipulated number stickers. Enforcing a high-security registration plate (HSRP) was primarily done to facilitate tracking a stolen vehicle through installed CCTV equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. In addition, many vehicle owners had beautiful or customized license plates, making it hard to find them in the event of an accident.

By employing high-security number plates (HSRP), the Indian Transport Department or local RTO authorities may simply track and digitize all vehicle data, thereby assisting the government in reducing the number of vehicle forgeries. The traffic police find it easier to determine which vehicle is old or out-of-date. They cannot be operated on the road thanks to the color-coded labels that aid in identifying the fuel type and years of vehicle usage.

Who Must Install The HSRP Number Plate?

Regardless of age, all vehicles must have an HSRP number plate, per MORTH regulation. The high-security number plate (HSRP) was installed on bikes or cars bought after April 2019. Vehicle owners can swap out their outdated registration plate for a new, highly secured one to avoid trouble with the law. For those who purchased their bike before April 2019, HSRP number plates must be used instead of the original ones.

Advantages Of High-Security Number Plate (HSRP)

To stay out of legal trouble when driving in India, all motorcycle riders must be aware of the relevance of HSRP. The following brief explanation of HSRP benefits will help you comprehend why the Indian government has made possessing an HSRP number plate necessary.

1. Standardization

The HSRP license plate’s distinctive design contributes to preserving the country’s auto license plate consistency.

2. Minimize Vehicle-Related Crimes

The HSRP number plate’s high-security feature prevents thieves from taking off or copying the plates, which lowers the likelihood of fraudulent or unlawful activity. Recognizing the authorities for anything strange is more straightforward, thanks to the HSRP plates’ distinctive construction.

3. Simple Tracking

The Laser Identification Recognition System makes it simple to track the HSRP. Transparency is increased, and the RTO authorities can more easily track vehicles and look into crimes thanks to the HSRP, which has a unique identifying number that ANPR-enabled highway cameras can read.

4. Digitization Of Data

Vehicle information is on every HSRP number plate, which is electronically designed. The RTO can obtain important vehicle data from these databases, including owner details, engine and chassis numbers, and other data.

5. Authorized Installation

Approved vehicles or authorized bike dealers and vendors can only assign the HSRP vehicle number plate. The vehicle dealer must supply the PUC certificate, registration number, chassis number, and other vehicle details to distribute the HSRP number plate.

6. Readable Font And Distinctive Style

Before HSRP, vehicle owners would alter number plates with their preferred color, typeface, and evocative titles, making reading the registration number and recognizing the vehicles challenging. The RTO staff can easily read and identify the bike or car because the HSRP has the same typeface and style.

HSRP Online Reservation Procedure (apply for HSRP number plate)

high security number plate online apply

You can apply for an HSRP number plate using the Book My HSRP portal, which offers online application services for HSRP. However, Vehicle owners in other states where the online application isn’t available must go to the closest Regional Transport Office (RTO) or contact an official vehicle dealer to get HSRP number plates.

Follow these easy steps to make an online reservation for HSRP in India.

Step 1: Official Website

Go through “Book My HSRP’s” official website (

Step 2: Reservation Information

Give the necessary vehicle booking information, such as the engine, chassis, and registration state and number. To submit the data, enter the captcha.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment Slot

Select the closest location for number plate installation in your area, then schedule an appointment for a time and day that works for you.

Step 4: Confirm Payment and Details

You will receive the booking summary for your vehicle’s HSRP when you “Book My HSRP.” Check everything, then send in the necessary payment.

Step 5: Download the Receipt

A PDF copy of the payment receipt is sent to you after the payment is approved. You will receive a message on your provided contact details as soon as the high-security number plate (HSRP) is available.

In this area, home installation of HSRP is now possible. Using the official Book My HSRP portal, you can verify if a home installation facility is offered where you are. Your HSRP is delivered to your house by the authorities, or you can pick up the desired installation place. You can use the Book My HSRP website to reschedule or cancel your HSRP appointment in the event of an emergency.

Apply For Colour-Coded Stickers

If your vehicle already has HSRP installed and you just need a color-coded sticker, go to the official website “Book My HSRP.” Once the webpage is open, adhere to the steps listed below.

  • Go to the “Book My HSRP” website and select the “Only Colour Sticker” that is displayed on the front page.
  • Give the registration number, engine number, chassis number, front and rear laser codes, and the state in which the vehicle is registered.
  • After confirming the captcha code, click “click here.”
  • Next, decide on a comfortable appointment time and your chosen place for the color-coded sticker installation.
  • Verify the reservation details and make the necessary payment. For future use, get a payment receipt.

Price Of HSRP Number Plate

Each Indian state has a different fee for HSRP license plates. The federal government still needs to set uniform pricing for each state. Depending on the kind and category of vehicle, the HSRP cost may change. For a two-wheeler, the typical HSRP price is about Rs. 400, while for a four-wheeler, it may be as high as or higher than Rs. 1,100. An additional 100 rupees are required for a color-coded sticker.

Difference Between Regular And HSRP Number Plates

Before their replacement, registration numbers were printed on outdated, plain metal number plates that were prone to tampering or damage. The primary factor making it challenging to follow vehicles led to an increase in the number of crimes involving autos. The government required the use of HSRP number plates in 2019, which led to the digitization and standardization of vehicle data and the ease of tracking.

Beyond this, the following lists the primary distinctions between a regular number plate and a DSRP.       

  • HSRP is composed of aluminum and has two snap-on security locks that are impossible to fool with. Therefore, it forbids reusing number plates that have been removed. On the other hand, it was simple to remove and reuse the standard number plate.
  • All vehicles have the same design and font style, which emphasizes uniformity, transparency, and ease of reading. In contrast, the earlier number plates were simple to personalize, which made it challenging to read and follow the vehicle.
  • The blue Ashok Chakra hologram, which is based on chromium, provides a novel and distinctive identity. To stand out from the throng, vehicle owners would add their unique names, designations, or font styles to the lackluster old number plates.
  • The various vehicle classes and kinds are distinguished by color-coded stickers on the new HSRP number plates. The original number plates did not have a color-coded sticker.
  • Because the PIN is laser encoded, it can be easily recognized and tracked with the fitted ANPR-capable cameras.

Procedure For Verifying The HSRP Application Status

It can take time for your application to be processed after you submit it on “Book My HSRP” for the HSRP number plate. You can stay updated on the status of your application throughout this time by checking the HSRP Status. You may verify the status of HSRP by following these easy steps.

  • Visit Book My HSRP’s official webpage.
  • Click the “Track Your Order” link at the top of the homepage.
  • Input the necessary data, such as the order number and the vehicle’s registration number. Once the captcha has been verified, click “Search.”
  • The screen displays HSRP’s current status.

Knowing the HSRP status allows you to project when the number plate will be ready and schedule its installation accordingly.

Online HSRP Number Plate Duplication

If the front, rear, or both HSRP plates are stolen or damaged, the owner of the vehicle must obtain a replica HSRP number plate. Using the “Book My HSRP” site to obtain a duplicate HSRP has become easier thanks to the online procedure. Only a few jurisdictions offer online services, while in other states, vehicle owners must go to an authorized facility or nearby RTO to obtain a replica HSRP license plate.

The procedure to issue a duplicate HSRP number plate is as follows.

  • Go to the official website of Book My HSRP.
  • Click the “Replacement Booking” tab on the homepage.
  • Input the necessary information, such as the engine number, chassis number, registration state, and registration number of the vehicle.
  • Click “click here” to submit the application after completing the captcha.
  • Select your desired meeting spot and reserve your period.
  • A booking summary and payment choices are provided. After checking all the information, continue with the payment.
  • You receive the receipt after the payment is completed. Keep it handy for future use.

How To Cancel HSRP And File A Refund Application

hsrp number plate registration

Emergencies can happen at any time. You can reschedule your HSRP booking if you are unable to arrive at the designated center on the scheduled date and time due to unforeseen circumstances. Alternatively, you can cancel the HSRP booking if you decide not to proceed with the HSRP process.

Go to the “Book My HSRP” webpage to complete the process.

  • Click the “Cancel HSRP” tab on the homepage of the “Book My HSRP” portal when it has opened.
  • Order numbers and vehicle registrations are among the necessary information that must be entered. 
  • After verifying the captcha code, select the “Search” option. 
  • After finishing, you can cancel your online reservation for HSRP, and a refund will be processed.

Protect Your Vehicle with Motor Insurance And HSRP

While HSRP facilitates vehicle tracking and increases openness in the transportation system, bike insurance protects both you and your vehicle from any harm. Like stand-alone, comprehensive, and third-party insurance policies, valid vehicle insurance offers customizable options and provides financial protection for both you and other vehicle owners.


The vehicle tracking system is now more transparent thanks to the implementation of HSRP, which has also made things easier for the RTO authority. The HSRP places a strong emphasis on improved safety and national vehicle standardization. The HSRP number plate cannot be reused due to its tamper-proof design, which lowers auto crimes.

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