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Best Motorcycle Color Schemes

You will notice certain clear patterns if you spend enough time looking at bike images. Color trends are among the simplest to spot. Motor motorcycle companies maintain brand consistency by creating color schemes that adhere to their brand colors. In this way, everyone who sees their bike rolling past will easily recognize who manufactured it. This is a simple branding method that all manufacturers employ. The result is some quite ordinary and generic color schemes, though. For instance, Suzuki is blue, Kawasaki is green, and Honda is red. 

These 10 bikes, in contrast, defy convention with some of the most striking motorbike color schemes.

10 Best Motorcycle Color Schemes

1. MV Agusta Rush 1000 – Army Green With Yellow Accents


The color you envision when you think of Italian motorcycles is red. The army grey and black MV Agusta Rush 1000 defies this perception by having yellow highlights. It gives the bike a menacing, fiercely angry appearance that works wonderfully with the streetfighter design’s minimalist aesthetic. The yellow highlights are what make this bike stand out. They are ideally situated to emphasize the bike’s angle. Italian design and attention to detail are evident in the positioning. The carbon fiber cover on the back wheel prominently shows the bike’s name and completes the distinctive appearance.

2. Harley-Davidson Sportster S Model – Mineral Green Metallic


For its motorcycles, Harley has introduced some dreadful color schemes. Luckily, the Harley-Davidson Sportster S saw the return of the creative team. White sand pearl, mineral metallic green, and dramatic black are the available color choices. 

The distinctive coloring of the V-twin engine complements each of the three hues well. A contemporary interpretation of the Harley logo is prominently placed on the side of the fuel tank. This was a wise decision given that the traditional logo, which features an eagle and shield, appears dated and uncool.

Harley Davidson motorcycles painted the other bike parts black to complete the image. This was a wise decision instead of using standard chrome. It makes the bike appear contemporary without being bland or austere.

3. Ducati Diavel V4 – Gloss Red and Flat Black


The Ducati Diavel V4 showcases the brand’s striking red color to perfection. Italian design exemplifies the elegance of fusing art and restraint. Ducati opted for strategically positioned components rather than covering the entire side of the motorcycle in red with big fairings. This gives the Ducati bikes a vivid red color all over them. Additionally, designers considered more than just appearance. In contrast to the flat and matte black components found on the rest of the bike, the red components have a high gloss finish. This makes them catch the light and stand out.

4. Aprilia RS660 – Acid Gold


You can practically sparkle on the acid-gold Aprilia RS660 as you go down the street. This Italian motorcycle manufacturer’s signature color is red, which makes this machine stand out even more. People are often unaware of how much thought Aprilia bikes put into its color choices. This color is suitable for riders who are bold and energetic. They dislike labels and logos, making this Aprilia the perfect bike. Nobody would guess it came from a well-known Italian producer. This color may not be for everyone, but those who choose it will love it passionately. A limited edition stars and stripes version is also available.

5. BMW G310R – Red, White, and Blue


The German motorbike company BMW motorcycles did not come up with this patriotic name for its all-American color palette. With the BMW G310 R’s striking color splashes, you can’t help but notice its motif. BMW called it Sport. It makes sense because the red wheels and frame give the impression that they are poised to take off. White serves as the fairings and tank’s foundation color. But, the nicely placed red and blue decorations make BMW G310R everything but dull. The accents are straightforward, focused on long straight lines and angular forms. If you value function over form, the simple design is ideal.

6. Triumph Thruxton RS Hunter – Green With Gold Accents


Bike designs with a vintage feel must tread carefully. They should have a contemporary spin on classic design while remaining true to their origins without straying too far. The Triumph Thruxton RS successfully navigates this minefield. The hunter-green choice exudes British refinement and strikes the ideal mix between light and dark green. Finally, there are precisely positioned gold accent lines. The chrome edition is an alternative if this selection bores you. For vintage café racers, Triumph motorcycles chromed the entire tank. Both color choices have a contemporary sense while paying homage to history and heritage.

7. Indian FTR Sport – White Lightning/Indy Red


Contrary to popular belief, not all Indian motorcycles have the same vintage styling. With a sporty hue, the Indian FTR Sport lives up to its moniker. Wheels with the White Lightning / Indy Red design are striking red. White is the main hue, and the designs are black and red. In the FTR Sport, Indians avoided the overt and often excessive use of color. The light grey color helps the frame blend nicely with the rest of the bike. This highlights red’s attractiveness. The huge, vivid red springs on the rear suspension are a welcome surprise. If white is not your preferred color, another, darker choice exists. The red wheels are lost in the metallic black hue, swapping out white for black.

8. Suzuki GSX-1000 – Triton Blue Metallic


The traditional Suzuki blue is becoming stale and worn out. The Suzuki GSX-1000 demonstrates this in Metallic Triton Blue. Suzuki’s color scheme is brought into the present era by blue’s brighter and more youthful appearance. When creating the GSX-1000, Suzuki’s designers followed a conventional sport bike design strategy. The fuel tank, front fairings, and wheels are blue. Light grey accents and carefully positioned neon yellow accent lines complete the appearance. It also comes in a black-out version if bright blue isn’t your style. The Suzuki bike has a sleek appearance because it is all black. The yellow/gold forks are the only highlight.

9. Kawasaki Z650 – Metallic Matte Graphensteel Gray/Ebony


Kawasaki’s product selection over the years reveals a corporation that values the environment. Luckily, designers have been using green less frequently recently. The Kawasaki Z650 in metallic graphene grey is a prime illustration of this. The dark grey and black pattern covers the entire bike. Then there are a few green details. They are barely visible through the black. The end effect is a bike unmistakably Kawasaki bike but not flashy. This color is more muted than previous years’ vivid and dazzling Kawasaki Green.

10. Yamaha MT-10 – Cyan Storm


Experience Japan’s shadowy side with the Yamaha MT-10 in a blue storm. The 2023 Yamaha MT-10 veers away from the cheerful and vibrant bikes we expect from Yamaha. It has a dark blue fuel tank, and black engine parts, with red and cyan accents. The result is a bike with an urban and ominous look. With even fewer red accents, the designers minimized the use of vivid cyan. This unconventional use of color provides depth and intrigue without going overboard. Upon approaching you, the bike appears to be just another one. Then it shows itself as it overtakes you.

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