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 Choose Your Second Motorcycle

Purchasing a second motorcycle is not like purchasing a first. You’ve gained a great deal more knowledge and expertise the second time around. Most of the information in those “guide to buying a motorcycle” publications is stuff you already know. We put together this article to help you buy your second motorcycle because we know you need guidance from people who have been in your position. Here are some pointers for after you’ve been riding for a few years on how to locate that ideal model.

Utilize Your New Understanding

When buying a motorcycle, new riders need to learn what kind of riding lifestyle they’ll lead to. It is an unavoidable part of purchasing your first motorcycle. For instance, if you intend to do road trips, you might purchase a model designed for lengthy drives. However, you ultimately settle for taking quick trips around the city. A lot of first-time purchasers additionally overpay for items they need to utilize or forego characteristics they desire later. It’s challenging to hit the mark the first time.

It’s different when you purchase your second motorcycle. After some time spent traveling, you are better able to determine what you actually need. Now that you’ve developed a motorcycle lifestyle, choosing the suitable model is more accessible. Make great use of your newly acquired expertise to specify what you require from your second motorcycle.

Enhance Your New Set Of Skills

Buying a motorcycle that will facilitate learning to ride should be the top consideration when making your first buy. Low power potential, a lightweight and compact structure, and lots of features for simple handling are usually the main points of emphasis. While these benefits are excellent for novice riders, more seasoned motorcyclists may find them restrictive.

You’re prepared to upgrade now that your abilities have been reinforced. Consider how much power you can safely handle, then look at motorcycles that have that capacity. A large displacement bike can also be advantageous for more seasoned riders. Although these types are more challenging to maneuver, they provide better stability—especially on tricky routes.

Choose Whether To Add Or Replace

There are two ways to go about buying your second motorcycle: either replacing your existing one or adding the new one to your expanding collection. Your consideration of models and features will depend on your strategy.


Some decide to swap out their motorcycle’s starter. It would be gathering dust in the garage because they wouldn’t ride it very often anyhow. Selling it and putting the proceeds towards the next motorcycle purchase is a more financially sound move.

This strategy focuses on motorcycles that are adaptable. There will only be one model to suit all of your wants, after all. Examine all-purpose models that are capable of managing a variety of experiences. To increase the model’s versatility even further, you could spend more money on optional features or aftermarket components.


Some riders wish to buy a second motorcycle yet keep their existing bike. In this case, having two distinct motorcycle types to accommodate various riding styles is the plan.

Search for models that can provide what your present model does not for this strategy. For instance, you might purchase a dirt bike for outdoor exploration because your present motorcycle can only travel on paved roads. To get the most out of your time with the various models, try to steer clear of overlaps.

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