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Best Lightweight Bikes in India

Bikes serve as the primary transportation for most Indians, especially regular commuters. Before buying a motorcycle, prospective buyers frequently evaluate the engine power and other amenities, but they often forget to consider the Bike’s weight. Lightweight bikes in India are the best option for anyone trying to save money on petrol because they use less fuel than heavier bikes. These compact options offer better handling, particularly when driving on India’s congested roads.

Here are the top lightweight motorcycles in India that promise excellent fuel efficiency and other built-in advantages.

Best Lightweight Bikes in India

1. Bajaj Platina

lightweight bikes under 1 lakh

The Bajaj Platina is another option you might want to consider if you’re seeking lightest motorcycles for beginners. This Platina model, which is exclusively used for commuting, weighs only 108 kg and provides riders with increased comfort, mainly thanks to its Comforted technology.

A four-speed manual gearbox and fuel injection are other cutting-edge features. The Bike’s maximum torque output is 8.34 Nm, while its highest power output is 7.8 bhp.

  • 78 km per liter.
  • Engine Capacity: 102 cc

2. TVS Radeon

lightweight bikes under 1.5 lakh

Another commuter alternative for Indian buyers is TVS Radeon, with a 118-kilogram weight. It has a 4-speed manual transmission and a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. The front wheels of this motorcycle have disc brakes, while the back wheels have drum brakes. This is the best lightweight Bike under 1 lakh in India.

Its engine has a maximum torque rating of 8.7Nm and a maximum power rating of 8.08bhp. It comes in eight colour choices, each of which gives the two-wheeler a new appearance.

  • Distance: 56 km/l
  • Engine Capacity: 109.7 cc
  • Cost: Rs. 58,992

3. Hero Splendor Plus


lightest motorcycles for beginners

Hero Splendor Plus is one of the most well-known lightweight bikes for adults in the 100cc category. This is partly because of its excellent handling and fuel efficiency. The Bike’s weight—just 109 kg—is primarily responsible for its outstanding on-road performance.

Drum brakes on the front and rear wheels are another distinctive characteristic of this motorcycle. A 4-speed transmission is included with the Hero Splendor Plus. Its motor has an output of 8.05Nm of torque and 7.8bhp of power.

  • 81 km per liter
  • Engine Capacity: 97.2 cc
  • Cost: Rs. 54,800

4. Honda Livo

lightweight sports bikes in india

The Honda Livo, Honda’s top model in the 110cc class, weighs only about 111 kg at the curb. Tubeless tires, alloy wheels, and front disc brakes are among the Bike’s attractive characteristics.

Those looking for lightweight sports bikes in India with additional riding security might choose the optional CBS version. This motorcycle’s engine can produce 9.09Nm of torque and 8.31bhp of power.

  • 60 kilometres per hour
  • 109.19 cc of engine displacement
  • Cost: Rs. 59,239

5. Honda Dream Neo (Discontinued)

lightweight 125cc bikes in india

The Honda Dream Neo is a 109 kg motorcycle with tubeless tires, AHO, and many other features. Its single-cylinder, air-cooled engine is mated to a 4-speed transmission. Additionally, it has a maximum power of only 8.31bhp but a maximum torque of 9.09Nm. The Bike’s lightweight chassis and strong engine enable it to attain top speeds of about 86kmph. Honda Motorcycles also offers “Shine,” a lightweight 125cc Bike in India.

  • 84 km per liter
  • 110 cc Engine Displacement
  • Cost: Rs. 52,618

One should list their needs for a two-wheeled vehicle before purchasing one. Even though best lightweight bikes in india have outstanding mileage, they fall short in many other areas.

For example, individuals searching for bikes to produce more horsepower or torque should avoid lightweight bikes.

However, the bikes on the top list are your best bet if you want the best handling and fuel efficiency.

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