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Electric Bike Laws In India

Electric two-wheelers are becoming increasingly popular at a steady but remarkable rate. Several common factors contributing to this include the growing public knowledge of the environmental advantages of electric vehicles (EVs) and the fantastic programs the Indian government offers to incentivize individuals to purchase EVs.

You must know specific legal requirements and traffic laws if you recently purchased an electric bike or scooter. Just like a traditional two-wheeler, electric bikes in India are subject to a series of necessary RTO regulations that you have to follow. Let’s get started.

Mandatory RTO Rules For Electric Scooters In India

Some significant RTO regulations for electric scooters that you should be aware of are as follows:

1. Minimum Riding Age

The legal age to operate any vehicle in India is eighteen, and the minimum age to ride an electric two-wheeler is the same. There is, nevertheless, some leisure. It is legal for those 16 years and older to operate an electric bike with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and 250W of power.

2. Driving License For Electric Scooters

You need a valid driver’s license to operate any vehicle in India. Scooters with electricity are no different. If your electric bike is discovered to be being used without a driver’s license, you could be subject to severe fines and penalties.

3. E-Scooter Registration

No vehicle, including electric two-wheelers, may be driven on the nation’s public highways without a license. There may be severe legal repercussions if you do this. Thus, register your electric scooter with the local RTO as soon as you buy it. One of the most crucial things you have to do is do this.

4. Use Of Helmets

Does an electric scooter need a helmet? This is one of the most frequent queries from brand-new electric scooter owners. Electric motorcycles are lightweight and safe to ride, yet they are still vulnerable to accidents on the road. Thus, in short, yes. When using an electric scooter, wearing a helmet is essential. It is not only required, but it is also necessary.

5. Road Tax

Road taxes must be paid by each owner of a registered two-wheeler, regardless of whether the vehicle is two or four wheels. Remember that the features, model, and age of your car will determine how much in taxes you must pay overall.

Good news for owners of electric scooters: the Indian government has launched a program called FAME that provides financial aid and other benefits to entice people to purchase EVs rather than traditional cars.

In certain Indian states, this scheme offers the benefit of road tax exemption. If you live in one of the qualifying states, you can receive a 50% to 100% road tax exemption for your electric scooter.

Electric Vehicle Requirements For Number Plates

As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1989, all vehicles registered after April 2019 must carry a High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) to comply with traffic restrictions.

Only authorized officers may assign this license plate. Additionally, distinct color codes are applied to the number plates of various vehicle types to distinguish between them, such as:

  • For private ICE vehicles, a white background with black letters.
  • For Rental vehicles, Black background with yellow letters
  • For commercial ICE cars, a yellow background with black letters.
  • For private EVs, a green background with white letters
  • For commercial EVs, a green background with yellow letters

As you can see, a green number plate with white letters is required for your electric scooter. An HSRP is unnecessary for electric scooters or bikes traveling only 25 km/h.

Bike Insurance Policy

Every bike owner is required by the Motor Vehicles Act of India to have at least third-party bike insurance. This is also a regulatory necessity for electric two-wheelers. The correct bike insurance provides you with the necessary financial protection in case of unforeseen circumstances while driving, in addition to assisting you in adhering to traffic laws.


While providing almost the same performance and driving experience as traditional two-wheelers, electric scooters are also friendly to the environment. Therefore, consider purchasing an elegant electric scooter if you require a two-wheeler. Please refer to our previous blog post covering electric scooter traffic regulations.

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