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Best Electric Bikes In India

With the help of the government’s policies, the Indian market for electric vehicles is gaining momentum. The automakers have additionally increased the local production and retailing of electric bikes. Due to these changes, the government plans to ban petrol and diesel automobiles from the roads by 2030.

Compared to traditional petrol bikes, electric bikes provide several benefits. The e-bikes are renowned for their excellent performance, absence of pollutants, and cheap maintenance cost. Considering these benefits, several significant two-wheeler players entered the market with their electric bikes or scooters.

It can be challenging to buy an electric bike. Before purchasing a motorcycle, you need to consider several variables. To help you make a more informed choice when purchasing an electric two-wheeler, we want you to know these crucial considerations before unveiling the best electric motorcycles in India. Here is a list of the best electric bikes in India. 

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India

1. Revolt RV400

Revolt RV400

The only revolt electric bike to appear on the list is the RV400. The bike has a 3.24KWh lithium battery arrangement that charges 75% capacity in 3 hours and 100% in about 4.5 hours. The bike has three ranges: eco, regular, and sports, with ranges of 150km, 100km, and 80km, respectively. The RV400 electric bike can go up to 85kmph. 150 kg is the maximum carrying weight. A driver’s license is required to operate a Revolt RV 400. 

  • Riding Range: 80-150 Km
  • Kerb Weight – 108 kg
  • Rated Power – 3000 W
  • Battery charging time – 4.5 Hrs
  • Seat Height -814 mm

2. Odysse Evoqis

Odysse Evoqis


While the Revolt RV400 may have emerged as the face of Indian electric bikes, the Odysse Evoqis steals the show with a far sportier appearance. According to the manufacturer, it has a 3.0 kW motor for power and a 4.32 kW lithium-ion battery that charges in 6 hours. With disc brakes on both ends and alloy wheels, it has a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of more than 100 km on a single charge.

Odysse Evoqis retails for Rs 1,66,250 and comes in five color variants. The cost to reserve the bike is Rs 2,000.

  • Riding Range: 80-150 Km
  • Seat Height: 750 mm
  • Kerb Weight: 150 kg
  • Rated Power: 3000 W
  • Battery charging time: 6 Hrs

3. Tork Kratos

Tork Kratos

The Tork Kratos electric bike was only included in this list last month after what sent the first batch of deliveries. With more side faring, the bike expands on the Revolt RV400’s basic design. According to the manufacturer, the main advantage over it is the stated range of 120 km on a single charge, made possible by a 4kWh battery that charges fully in 4 hours.

The electric mid-drive motor on TorkKratos has a peak power of 7.5kW and a top speed of 100kmph. It includes 17-inch alloy wheels, disc brakes on both ends, and four driving modes: Eco, City, Sports, and Reverse. Also know some best electric scooters in India.

Tork Kratos comes in two variations—Kratos and Kratos R—and four colors—Red, Blue, White, and Black. The Kratos R is priced at Rs. 1,37,499 while the standard version is Rs. 1,22,499 (ex-showroom) (ex-showroom). 

  • Riding Range: 120 Km
  • Kerb Weight: 140 kg
  • Rated Power: 4000 W
  • Battery charging time: 4 Hrs
  • Seat Height: 785 mm

4. Atumobile Atum 1.0

Atumobile Atum 1.0

The Atum 1.0 by Automobile, which elevates the street-naked aesthetic to a new level, stands out among electric bikes in India. The bike has a 250W, 48V motor with a top speed of 25 km/h for a constrained performance. It has a swappable 26Ah battery that claims a single charge will last 3-4 Hours and provide a range of more than 100 kilometers. The bike itself weighs only 51 kg, which is minor.

AtumobileAtum 1.0 has been priced in India at just Rs 54,999 and may be pre-booked for Rs 999, according to its purpose-built.

  • Riding Range: 100 km
  • Kerb Weight: 51 kg
  • Rated Power: 250 W
  • Battery charging time: 3-4 Hours
  • Seat Height: 750 mm

5. Oben Rorr

Oben Rorr

This month marks the start of Roger’s test rides. The bike claims to have an astounding range of more than 200 kilometers on a single, fast-charging charge. Additionally, it advertises a top speed of 100 kph and a 0 to 40 kph acceleration time of 3 seconds. It is a powerful electric bike produced by Oben Electric.

The bike has three color choices, and more information on its characteristics is still needed.

Oben Rorr is currently available for pre-order in India for Rs 999. The vehicle’s ex-showroom pricing has been fixed at Rs 99,999.

  • Riding Range: 200 Km
  • Kerb Weight: 130kg
  • Rated Power: 250 W
  • Battery charging time: 2 Hours
  • Motor Type: IPMSM Motor

6. Joy E-Bike Monster

Joy E-Bike Monster

One of the brand’s most fashionable items is the Joy e-Bike e-Monster. Its look and style are strikingly comparable to those of the Ducati Monster. This one, though, has smaller wheels and is a mini-bike. A computerized instrument cluster is present. A 72V/39Ah lithium-ion battery powers the Joy e-Bike e-Monster charges in 4-4.5 hours. A 1,500 Watt BLDC motor receives power. It claims to travel about 100 kilometers on a single charge—a price of 1,00,875 Rupees in India. 

  • Riding Range: 75 Km
  • Kerb Weight: 93 kg
  • Rated Power: 250 W
  • Battery charging time: 4-4.5 Hrs
  • Seat Height: 750 mm

Apart from these, some other bikes will be launched in India soon, including Hero electric bike AE 47, Ultraviolette F77, and SVITCH CSR 762 bike.

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