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protect your motorcycle during holi

The celebration of Holi is well-known in India and widely observed. Nevertheless, it’s also a time of year when many bikers discover their bikes require extra security. There is always a chance that your bike could be destroyed if it is not properly cared for, especially on the streets covered in water and color. This thorough Holi safety guide was created to help you safeguard your two-wheeler. 

We’ll review everything, from the fundamentals of bike maintenance tips to more sophisticated safety precautions like locking your bike and storing it away from traffic, including how to protect your motorcycle during holi.

Why Does Your Bike Require Additional Protection During Holi?

Holi is a time for celebration and enjoyment. But, you must take additional motorcycle safety precautions if you own a bike to safeguard it from harm. Holi colors and water can easily damage the body of your bike, and the paint may start to wear off within a few days. Also, people are more inclined to drive carelessly during the celebration, which increases the risk of an accident damaging your bike.

Consequently, securing your bike during Holi is crucial, especially with a sufficient comprehensive bike insurance plan. If it is damaged, you may get it fixed without worrying about the expense of repairs.

Tips To Protect Your Motorcycle During Holi

1. Shield The Vehicle

Placing a cover over your bike would create a barrier between the paint and the colors. Your paint would not be harmed as a result. Also, it would stop the little dents and scratches that people could produce when participating in Holi. Moreover, dust and debris from trees and birds that could damage your vehicle would be prevented.

2. Use Cling Wrap

If you don’t have a cover, you can cover your bike using cling film. You can quickly wrap up some weak points you believe could be damaged. Although it may make your bike appear silly, doing so will keep the colors from staining it.

3. Apply Wax Polish

Ensure all painted panels or parts are wax polished if your motorcycle is not Teflon coated. This prevents the oil paints or permanent colors used at the festival from being stuck on the surface and eroding the paint.

4. Be Careful While Driving

If you must move quickly, ride a motorcycle slowly and maintain a leftward course. Remember to keep a wider distance than necessary to prevent braking or sliding suddenly. Another option is a rain cover that fits the console and shields it from water and colors.

5. Safely Park Your Bike

As a precaution, you should keep your vehicle in a secure area, preferably indoors. This will prevent color spills and water splashes from staining your motorcycle.

6. Avoid Riding A Motorcycle

Avoid using your motorcycle or car during Holi for the best protection. Choose an alternative like Ola or Uber instead. As a result of being parked at your home, this will guarantee that your vehicle remains completely secure. You would take a taxi instead of cleaning your vehicle even if someone hit it with a balloon or colored paint.

7. Insurance Protection

Although Holi is a time for celebration, serious mishaps can still occur. Because of this, make sure that you have adequate two-wheeler insurance coverage. Also, it’s the best way to protect your bike from any damage that may occur while enjoying the celebrations. Moreover, it would help if you inquired about the types of coverage they offer and any additional coverage you might require from your insurance company.

Ensure your insurance covers 0% depreciation so you will be eligible for the full amount in the event of a claim. You may enjoy your Holi celebrations worry-free with the appropriate two-wheeler insurance protection. You can choose the best one from the various bike insurance companies in India.

How To Get Holi Colors/Paint Off Of Your Bike?

If Holi did color your bike, you should wash it with a high-quality, gentle shampoo. If the color doesn’t come off, you may need to use a rubbing compound carefully. Next, use a damp cloth to buff the area. After removing the stain, wash the vehicle with clean water, dry it, and then polish it with thick wax. You need to dry clean your vehicle if the interior is filthy. Professional cleaning is recommended if your automobile has leather seats because the technique is different for leather.


In a nutshell, Holi is a festive occasion full of color. If you are willing to make an effort to make sure your bike is safe during Holi, you can also have fun. This is because protecting your bike doesn’t cost a lot of money. But, it does require investing some time and effort to ensure your bike is safe for you to ride throughout the year.

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